USA: Divine Principle Lecture Competition Workshop in LA



By Las Vegas Family Church

On the weekend of November 11, CARP Las Vegas and CARP Los Angeles collaborated together to have a Divine Principle Lecture Competition Workshop in LA. The vision for this workshop was to allow the participants’ to experience God’s heart through the process to lecture. The workshop opened up first with a series of icebreaker questions.

We got into small groups sharing more basic things about ourselves, and got deeper towards the end – Why are you in CARP? What inspires you to keep going? Afterwards, we were given a small guidance about lecturing from Mrs. Naoko Hiraki. She emphasized how lecturing is not about the context, and how well we can speak, but rather we have to have a humble attitude, lecturing to convey the heart of God. Also, Jinil Fleischman gave a small talk which he said, “we have to place ourselves in God’s shoes when we prepare for a lecture.


Giving a lecture is like giving a gift. You can feel the amount of investment is made to present a gift, being on the other end to give.” We were put into groups and then each selected a chapter to lecture on. The teams were given a choice to lecture individually, in pairs, or even triplets. The given chapters from the Divine Principle were: Human Fall, Eschatology, Resurrection, Predestination, Christology, Intro to Restoration, & The Providence to Lay the Foundation for Restoration – which most of the participants never lectured on these chapters before!

However, the lectures were filled with many tears, shouting, testifying to the Principle. What was most precious about this workshop was each participant’s personal discovery in the Principle.

During the closing ceremony of participant shared testimonies. Chungbom Katayama shared how he was so inspired as he was preparing a lecture with his partner because he experienced how deep the Principle was, and how much even a single word has so much significance. He felt how much True Father truly invested into his life time and understood why he did certain things in the movement.

Many participants had an impactful breakthrough with the Divine Principle. The workshop was a moving experience for the participants and they hope to collaborate again soon!