USA: ­New Approach in Divine Principle Education



By FFWPU USA (Colorado Family Church)

The Colorado Family Church recently kicked off a series of new presentations on the Divine Principle, designed both for first-time guests and also people searching for a deeper understanding of the Divine Principle.

Working together as a multi-generational ministry, former pastor Dr. Michael Hentrich works together with the current pastors, Michael & Adonia Hentrich to plan talks for the community that are inspiring and faith-deepening as well as talks prepared for guests who are interested in learning about the Divine Principle for the first time.

So far the community has held two talks focused on advanced topics in the Divine Principle. These talks are held after Sunday Service and cover topics such as, “What is Special About the Divine Principle?” and “Who is God and Who Am I?” These talks are generally given every two or three weeks and are already scheduled through the end of 2016.

“It is our hope that, through these talks, we all will feel enriched and inspired to practice the Principle more in own daily lives.” Said Pastor Mike.

We are really encouraged with the turnout for these talks. Many people have shared how great they are and how much they look forward to attending the next one. The talks are recorded and sent out to the community as well. It is in the future plans to eventually broadcast these talks via live stream to communities all around the country.

Also, on October 29, we held a 1-Day Divine Principle Workshop. The talks were given by Dr. Hentrich and covered the Principles of Creation, the Fall, Christology, and Predestination. There was a good mixture of attendees, including members of the Generation Peace Academy, guests who were hearing the Principle for the first time, as well as long-time members. We are currently planning the 2nd workshop which will cover the next half of the Divine Principle with plans that every month we will hold one of these workshops.

Additional photos can be found on our Facebook page.