UK: UPF Event at Cleeve House



By UPF UK, Joanna Hartl

In the West Country at Cleeve House, the second event in a series of ongoing one day UPF leadership seminars was held on Saturday 12th November 2016. The title was “Education for the 21st Century”. We had a grand total of 12 participants.

This included the experienced UPF presenter Mark Brann who travelled that morning, all the way from London, to give his special keynote PowerPoint presentation about the latest UPF events, including the Parliamentarians for Peace Initiative, which was held recently in London. The main core of his talk documented pictorially the incredible outreach made to many high level political contacts, including meetings which have taken place at the UN and the Houses of Parliament in London.

Some of the guests were deeply impressed to discover that we were reaching out to people at such a high level, and wondered how this had been possible to accomplish, in light of all the negative, uninformed and irresponsible press reviews that Rev Moon and the Unification Movement have received in the past.

Ed Stacey was able to give two presentations: The first one was entitled “The Philosophy of Peace”, and the second one was entitled: “Education Begins through True Family Values”. Ed finished his presentation by reading from a Peace Message about how we can build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


All of those present enjoyed the UPF presentations and were happy to have their questions answered in a very practical way. At lunchtime, we had a photo shoot outside on the steps, followed by a delicious meal with a warming spicy pumpkin soup and Chicken Sze Chuan. A very harmonious atmosphere was generated through sharing together and plenty of time was available for discussion and coffee!

Later in the afternoon, a public speech was presented, given in 1983 in Korea to PWPA by UPF’s Founder: Rev Dr Moon. This speech is as relevant today as it was then; it addressed directly the issues of the moral obligation of educators and how they need to embody absolute values connected with God in order to fulfil their position as role models to guide their students.

The participants then formed a discussion group and had time to share on a deeper level and more intimately – as one participant put it: – “…how do we manage to survive on a daily basis, with a worldview to embrace all people; when we have to swim with the sharks?” This question then gave rise to a lot of sharing and discussion about the challenges and difficulties involved in practicing such a world view.

Two completely new participants came, and two who had been to the last UPF meeting in August also attended.

Altogether a very refreshing and inspiring day was had by all, and everyone left feeling renewed and hopeful, and believing that it will be possible to build a world of peace and harmony where all people can live as one family of mankind.