UK: Outreach Seminar



By Mieko Davies

Two years ago I heard about Mrs. Hiraki who had started witnessing with a few Japanese members at a local university campus and had established LA CARP.

UK CARP members Yujin Mingala and Beni Vitai accompanied me to visit and learn from Mrs Naoko Hiraki directly. This wonderful sister is inspired by True Mother’s direction to save young people and has managed to increase the campus membership of CARP by 120 people in only 2 years. With members from all corners of the international providence visiting LA to see what is going on there, we were very lucky to meet her in London and for her to share with us during this 4-day event.

This seminar was 90% internal content with practical advice about how to witness.

True Mother said to Kodan (Japanese members in USA) “Save young people and make a strong CARP”. So Mrs Hiraki determined to witness on the campuses.

I was thinking it would be difficult to witness in the UK because Mrs. Hiraki and the Kodan members had to make a lot of conditions before any kind of results came but when we started witnessing at two UK universities, the method worked well and already after only three weeks we have some regular guests.  Mrs Hiraki planted seeds with the LA spirit in UK, so we shouldn’t miss this chance for outreach.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of 4 DVDs, one set for each workshop (Japanese WS at Livingstone House and English translation at Lancaster Gate) and a DVD of testimonies of the LA CARP project, Benin project and Top gun workshop, they are available here (send email here)


After the workshop we started witnessing at two universities and we have new regular guests.

We held two 4-day Outreach Seminars with UK, European and Japanese members at the same time.

There were 80 participants all together. On the first day Mrs Hiraki told us about witnessing, CARP and ACLC activities in Los Angeles.

On the second day five 2nd Gen gave their testimonies about the Benin project, witnessing with Los Angeles CARP and the Top Gun WS.

On the third and fourth days around 20 members, 1st and 2nd Gens went to two Universities in London to experience directly witnessing with Mrs Hiraki.

As a result, eight new guests read the Introduction of Divine Principle at the University cafe!