True Parents’ News: Weekly Update

PeaceTV November 19, 2016


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This week we cover:

  1. True Parents News
  • True Parents’ Inspection of the Korea-Japan Tunnel Site
  1. Special Report
  • East Africa ILC and Inauguration of IAPP
  1. Global News
  • Tribal Messiahship (Lee Yun-hyung and his Wife Park Ok-hyun Finished Blessing 430 Couples / Nepal, Thailand: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Coaching and Home Group Education / Benin: Blessing and Divine Principle Workshop for New Members / Nigeria: Blessed Wives’ Workshop)
  • Peace Projects (Rwanda: Peace Festival / UPF-Indonesia National Tour / Uruguay: Peace Bridge Festival / Russia: Moral Education for Educators and Students)
  • Youth Projects (CARP-Albania: Workshop “Winner! Yes! CARP!” / Bangladesh: Religious Youth Service (RYS) Project)
  • Church News (Korea: 2016 Tongil Group Executives’ Wives Association Workshop / The Citizens’ Federation for the Unification of Korea Commemorate True Parents’ Funding Reunification Initiatives / USA: Energize! Couples Retreat)