The Fourth Event of CARP-Brazil’s University Students



By CARP Brazil

On the 7th day of the 8th month of the 4th year of the CIG (September 7, 2016, Gregorian calendar), the fourth Event of University Students was held at the national headquarters of FFWPU Brazil in São Paulo. CARP members invited their university friends and guests who are fruits of their Oikos activities.

The purposes of this event are the following: creating a higher heart relationship between the members and their guests; introducing them the contents of the Divine Principle; and arousing their interests in other activities such as Home Group, One-on-One and workshops.


A total of 64 students participated in this event; among them, 22 students were invited guests. The event started with a delicious lunch, and it was followed by a lecture called “Heart Culture,” which was given by a CARP student of São Paulo University. Her lecture involved all the participants in the discussion, and they expressed their opinions, for example, how can we establish the culture of the heart (Shimjeong) in our society. They also had interactive scavenger hunts, where the guests got to know new people and had a good time. At the end, they invited their guests to participate to the Home Groups, start to receive the One-on-One lecture, and participate in the Divine Principle workshop scheduled by CARP students in October.

New guest students were very interested in CARP, and at the same week, some of them have already entered in the Home Groups. Those who have already participated in Home Group meetings or One-on-One lectures were even more excited about CARP activities.


This way, CARP members invest in their witnessing activities in their daily life through Oikos, weekly Home Group meetings, and One-on-One lectures with their university friends. They are preparing the next Divine Principle workshop.

With hope and joy, CARP members are dedicating themselves in their witnessing activities in order to contribute to the achievement of the Vision 2020 to give joy to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.