Thailand: Blessed Families’ Divine Principle Workshop


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By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thananopavarn

We held 1-day Divine Principle workshop, True parents’ Life Course and Blessed Family Tradition’ at Ban Muang District, Sakhon Nakhon Province, Northeast of Thailand on October 25th, 2016.

FFWPU Thailand determined to raise up community faith centering on True parents through Divine Principle workshop and Home Group education.

There were 150 blessed family members who most of them completed 3-day ceremony attend 3 lecture workshop in order to study Divine Principle, TP’s life course, Significance and Blessed Family Tradition at Ban Muang Government District Hall, Sakhon Nakhon province.

The chief of district officer of Ban Muang gave welcoming remark with heart of gratitude toward FFWPU to bring such a great education to Ban Muang community and Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy gave opening remark. Mr. Manat Sirisuknivas was the main lecture of workshop.


All participants have determination to develop themselves to become model husband, model wife and model parent by study more FFWPU education, practice blessed family tradition and attend True Parents.

All participants were inspired by all lecture, especially they feel moved and touched by TP’s life course and to know how TP has sacrifice and pay indemnity for all humanity to become ideal person, create ideal family and create peaceful communities and nations.

At the end, all participants come to understand mission and duty of CIG citizens and to become CIG owners and take ownership as Tribal Messiah. They all practiced Kyung Bae to TP, recited Family Pledge, did Hoon Dok Hae tradition together, receive Benediction prayer and Cheer Og Mansei.

Atmosphere is full of love and happiness and determination to become best model of blessed families by practicing Hoon Dok Hae and join Family Worship regularly.