Thailand: 2nd Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leader School Workshop


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By FFWPU Thailand

With the love and grace of Heavenly Parents and True Parents and with the guidance of Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Regional President of Asia; FFWPU Thailand organized 2nd Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leader School Workshop – Home Group – in Thailand focusing at Blessed Families on 22-24 October 2016 by Prof. Gil Young Hwa and Mrs.Cho Dong Ok. There are total 88 participants. The goals for this workshop are , first, to revive faith, harmony and love in the community of Thailand Blessed Families and, Second, to inspire, find the way, strengthen spirit of witnessing and Heavenly Tribal Messiah for blessed families in Bangkok. This is 2nd workshop led by Prof.Gil. The first workshop in August, we focused on Heavenly Tribal Messiah, leades and team staff.

During the whole 3 days workshop, Prof. Gil totally invested himself for workshop on the foundation of his research, investment and Jeongseong for decades to develop home group system to strengthen community and to outreach for witnessing. He explained TP’s vision on how important of Home church, family church and Home Group system for the successful of witnessing and restoration of CIG through family movement and Heavenly Tribal Messiah movement.


Mrs. Cho Dong Ok, Prof. Gil’s wife, who is professional singer and leading of game creation as teacher of Sun Moon University brought spirit of love and team work to participants.

Prof. Gil gave explanation of 4 cycle of how Home Group to strengthen communities of blessed families and witnessing for Heavenly Tribal Messiah that are

1) Hoon Dok Jeong Seong to purification of mind and body; 2) Relationship 3) Invitation 4) Multiply. How to mobilize Holy Spirit through Hoon Dok Hae, prayer and life of Jeong Seong. Also, blessed families can understand DISC in order to understand the characteristics of people for how to witness and taking care others.

Prof. Gil gave coaching lecture, especially how to understand others, how to convey love and sincerity to others, forgiveness and apologize. Some blessed family members who experience difficulty in emotion and relationship in families or with others, they experienced the feeling of relieve and liberation. Some of them get tears of relieve and determine to become better father and child of TP.

Blessed families brainstorming and take initiative of how to be successful Heavenly Tribal Messiah through applying Home Group start from 3 position foundation expand to 12 families, 36 families, 72 families, 120 families and 430 families.

Blessed families received so much love and grace through Prof. Gil’s guidance, especially, how to liberate and revive ourselves, love and vision of TP on Home Group, how to create the best relationship atmosphere in the families and for witness to others and how to be successful in witnessing and Heavenly Tribal Messiah.



Mr. Kittisak Naksaing, 30000 couples blessed husband: In the past 3 Days of Heavenly Tribal Messiah Leader School Workshop, I can get and touch in Idea of Prof.Gil that try to guide us and give us more practice by make small Home Group during attend workshop. In order to bring this experience to real practice in our life. And Prof.Gil guide us step by step that we can make our small group in our reality. In this time, I can learn that power of Holy Spirit is very important for helping us to fulfill in our mission.

My Determination is: I must to establish our strong Home Group, Because of Home Group can raise Leader, And Leader can raise up members, we can make strong Community.

Mr. Niphon, 6,500 couples: I feel grateful to Heavenly Parent, thanks to Prof.Gil for once again that I can receive truth and clear understanding about life of faith and how to revive spiritually. I receive many new contents and I really love them that I must go back home and reflect, rearrange and reflect myself with these contents in order to bring them to practice in my daily life. Especially I love the content about the work of holy spirit, to ask for forgiveness, forgiveness, apologize, to give love and how to create victorious home group and coaching. These content really give me hope and clear understanding of how to work through hoe group that can bring success in personal level and family level. I want all of my brothers sisters to receive this education, to be revived and can come back to be good members again. Thank you very much