Taiwan: Kick off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020­


By FFWPU Taiwan

Thanks to True Parents, through leaders from Korea, the father nation, and Japan, the mother nation, gathered together for the “Korean and Japanese Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Kick-Off Ceremony of Harmony and Unity to Fulfill Vision 2020,” presided over by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, this fortune passed on to the children of the world, through the determination of departure, towards the second half of 2020 vision victory.

On October 29th, 2016 we held the Kick-Off ceremony and workshop for Seonghwa students in north region with 91 participants. Through the guidance of True Mother for Korean and Japanese Cheon Il Guk Leaders and read True Father’s Autobiography, they first connect with True Parents’ heart. Based on theme of “Hyo Jeong” and “Let us become the light of the world through a filial heart for Heaven.” We inspire all Seonghwa students to kick-off together with True Mother. Also they can build the studying altar with a right learning attitude and motivation. Finally, all participants write down their determination and offer them to True Parents.

Then on October 30, 2016, another three Kick-Off Ceremonies were held in the North, Central and South region for Peace Ambassadors, Public leaders, Blessed families, the youth and CARP members, a total of 420 people.


In the morning of 30th Oct., the churches in north region held Kick-Off Ceremonies in the New GCR HQ Building together. This is the first large-scale gathering before the new headquarters building’s decoration. (Oct. 1st and Oct. 15th, we had ever held the volunteer training workshop.) Even if it’s not prepared well for the environment to do such large-scale gathering, but members are very excited to join this meaningful kick-off ceremony in the new headquarters building. There are nearly 460 people in the New HQ building if counted with children of Sunday School activity.

In the north and south region, GCR Regional President Rev. Lee ker-shung shared about his ideas concerning 1-1-1 strategy as the action steps and inspired all members to offer greater result after the 100-day activity devotion. The idea of 1-1-1 is as following (2016/11/1 ~ 2017/2/9):

  1. Each member can join a suitable group or form an organization together with other members in order to expand their own social network. Then they can develop new targets who can be witnessed.
  2. Each family can invite at least one couple to attend Blessing Ceremony.
  3. Each member can do witnessing to find at least one new spiritual child.

Vice President of the Bridgeport University, Dr. Thomas Ward also responded by saying he had participated in an NGO at the United Nations, then he associated these women leaders with WFWP and church by serving them.

In the kick-off ceremony, the member witnessed she saw the God’s work through Heavenly Tribal Messiah and convinced that this will be the way to save Taiwan. Many members are moved by participated coupled feedback. One sister gave the testimony the she worked hard for Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities with her father-in-law who is local neighborhood leader and children together, and faced the challenges with positive heart as the condition for getting the assistance from the spiritual world. Her family will hold 100-couple blessing ceremony on Nov. 5.

In middle region the ceremony was chaired by Mrs. Huang Chiu-ping, the director of Youth and Student Dept.. She shared that the revival of the church is not about becoming a big church, but about being able to influence the lives of others. It begins from changing our lives and then our church can become an influential church. Members are moved and want to become the owner. After the ceremony, members enthusiastically discuss how to do during the 100-day activity devotion.