Taiwan: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Ceremony



By FFWPU Taiwan

tai-ble1105-12On November 5th 2016 we held a blessing ceremony with the theme Happy Taiwan, Love in Linyuan in Linyuan District of Kaohsiung city. The event this time was because the hard work of a blessed family, (Mr. SHENG-MAO HUANG and Mrs. HUI-WEN HSU) couple in Linyuan District. Because Mr. Huang’s father is one of the community leaders and so have good contacts and resources in Linyuan District, this event could get much support from local government and groups.

Among the 70 couples particioants, 49 couples were wearing wedding dress, 4 couples wear their own national traditional clothing (from the new resident groups)

The largest local wedding company provided modifications, accessories, and recruited 20 students of Beauty department (led by the teacher) to help make up and comb hair.

Our local organization, Kaohsiung City Peace Ambassadors Association was awarded the excellent group on Family education by Kaohsiung City Board of Education on 6th Sept., it also plays a good bridge to external links.

“It is often touched by the investment of brothers and sisters, and I hope that Heavenly Parent will greatly bless them.” Said the church leader.



The blessed family, Mr. SHENG-MAO HUANG and Mrs. HUI-WEN HSU couple had ended their CARP center leader’s mission in 2008 and went back hometown with the determination to become the Tribal Messiah. Mr. Huang’s father is Neighborhood leader and has a good foundation of social network. So they think it would be wonderful if this foundation could be connected to God’s Providence. They dedicated to attend their parents and finally won his father to witness to other people that the son and daughter-in-law are so great!

In 2016, we actively initiated the Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities, and Mr. Huang couple made determination to hold a blessing ceremony in their hometown. However, 40 days before the ceremony, Mr. Huang infected Vibrio vulnificus , not only lapsed into a coma in the beginning, even possibly must be amputated, and stayed in hospital for nearly one month. Even so, during that time, his wife must take care of husband in the hospital, but she still did not stop and found the gap time to visit the communities, local leaders to invite them for blessing ceremony. Thus based on Mrs. Huang’s devotion, Mr. Huang’s father was moved and thought what about FFWPU and blessing ceremony are that they couple are willing to invest so much! After more realization, his father gradually became the owner of this blessing ceremony, and actively invited local VIPs and help to overcome many challenges together, finally his father also invited dozens of couples from his relatives and neighborhood residents to attend the blessing ceremony on 5th November.


Therefore, this blessing ceremony which was completed by the cooperation of two generations is the largest wedding in that district. It also brings his father and people more positive view of Unification movement. Despite this great trial, even face life-threatening circumstances, they are still positive to think that “The big trials would come before receiving a large blessing.” They treat this blessing ceremony as the kick-off ceremony of their local service and development in the field. They determine to fulfill the mission of Tribal Messiah. Now, Mr. Huang also gradually recovered well, and they sincerely thank for the love and grace of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.