Taiwan: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Ceremony


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By FFWPU Taiwan

On October 29, 2016 we held a blessing ceremony under the theme “Happy Taiwan, Love in Hsinchung.”

Although only 19 couples attend blessing ceremony, but it’s a breakthrough that we had expanded blessing ceremony in the big city of New Taipei. We invited each couple to try on the wedding dress before blessing ceremony, and try our best to attend them, share our ideas and True Parents’ teachings, so that we can build a good relation. We open the way for having a good impression of FFWPU and what we are doing.

When we ask if they can do 40-day separation after blessing ceremony, 17 couples say that they will follow and finish that condition. All participants are so happy and many of them are active volunteers in the community, so we can also connect to the clubs in the community, continue to expand the activities of Heavenly Tribal Messiah.



  • One woman participants, actually didn’t wear wedding dress at the time of her marriage because it was around time her mother passed away. She also did not really like photography, each time any person approched to take pictures, she always hides. But this time she wanted to participate and take a wedding picture as well, we asked why? She said that she dreamed of her late father the day before the day we had lecture about the introduction of Blessing. In fact, she could not remember her father’s face before because did not have any picture from him. When she woke up, she thought that if she does not take any photo to be kept for her children, they may forget her face after she goes to spiritual world. So the next day to hear our briefing of blessing, she was surprised. Therefore, she immediately signed to join blessing ceremony and take a wedding picture.
  • In the Blessing ceremony, many couples were touched by FFWPU activities. One of participant said: “Good morning! Thank you for your hard work these days to give us joy and happiness. This can never be erased from my memory and will be with me forever. I hope your group and each member can be healthy and happy! Thanks again……”