Spain: Heavenly Tribal Messiahship Event



By FFWPU Spain, Osamu & Mercedes Tomita Gonzalez

An Educational Event and Charity Concert were held in Madrid at the Centre of Harmony, on Saturday evening, 19th of November 2016.

In the first part of our Event we could have 3 main speakers:

  • Mr. Mario Magaz Armenteros, Director of Education in our FFWPU in Madrid spoke about: “The Divine Principle and the Spiritual Growth.
  • Mrs. Mercedes González de Tomita, founder of PLEA, spoke about: “The Attitude of a Good Citizen”
  • Mr. Fito Torrico, Christian Pastor and contact of Mr. José Manuel Cabero, Director of the Family Department in Madrid, gave a lecture about: “True Father’s Proposal of an Interreligious Council at the UN”.

It was great! to have a Christian Pastor speaking about True Father’s project from the bottom of his heart. He gave his support to the Heavenly Providence in this day.

After these lectures, we had an Interreligious Prayer. A group of 12 people of different believes with a candle of CIG prayed to our Heavenly Parent for the instauration of this Interreligious Council at the UN. Each one offered their prayer in different ways with their deepest heart. The room was filled with the Holy Spirit. Truly the Holy Candle brings a Heavenly Atmosphere. Thank you, True Mother !!!

The Vice President Mrs. Maribel Salvo and the Spain General Coordinator, Mr. Julián Mancheño of the Association “LA MANO QUE AYUDA” (The Helping Hand) gave a presentation on their social activities in Madrid. They have 7 active centres helping women with problems, giving food to the poor, food and clothing for the homeless, taking care of youth with addictions etc.

After this Presentation, we collected in a charity box the audience’s donations to the cause helping this Association in their social work in Madrid. They were quite generous!


The Charity Concert was given by the Chorus “La ALBORADA” a Choral of 21 adults. Their director, Mrs Miriam Camino de la Puente is a very loyal friend of us since 2007. She has read some literature of our Divine Principle and she likes it.

They offered a marvelous repertoire of traditional national and international songs. The audience could feel the beauty of their songs and also sang together with them.

As a closing song, we sang together the “Hymn of Joy” (by Beethoven) we hold hands and sang this beautiful and meaningful Hymn. An atmosphere of harmony and peace took over the room and everyone was filled with “Joy and Love”

Awards were presented to the main speakers; a birthday gift was given to Mr. Julián the Coordinator of the Association, this November 19th was his birthday, the charity box was offered to the Vice President, Mrs. Maribel Salvo of “La Mano Que Ayuda”. We were glad about it and they were grateful for our charity.

Our MC, Kuni Tomita a young man of 24 years old, did a great job with his charming spirit. Our second son decided to help in this event and he did quite well!

After the closing remarks, we had some snacks and drinks, also a Happy Birthday Cakes, one of chocolate and another of strawberries. We celebrated it together around 60 people. At the entrance door, we displayed our heavenly literature (Divine Principle Books, educational brochures, flyers and others)

I would like to add my deepest gratitude to the support of Heaven that was truly remarkable! Thank you very much!