Romania: Purity Education Program



By CARP Romania

On November 15, 2016, we organized Purity Education event with the theme ‘The best preparation for future family – Life with best teacher my conscience.’ We shared about importance of our life together with our conscience.

In the beginning, we had presentation about ‘the role of our conscience’. That everything is created for a certain reason. We should use them for the created purpose. In order to understand better we made 2 teams and we tried to find out ‘what is the internal law(principle) and what is the external law(principle)’. Each team tried to find out the laws and principles around us. And we shared the importance of fallowing these principles.

In the end of this program we read True Father’s Ward about ‘Conscience’ in team and shared our inspirations. We could realize that our conscience is our best teacher to guide us for right direction. In order to create harmonious family in the future we need to become harmonious person. So the best preparation for our future family is the life with our conscience, which guide us to the principle life style.

All the participants could feel the importance and value of their life. And importance of preparation for the future. We wish this program can encourage Romanian young people to keep Sexual Purity in order to make beautiful family in the future.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.