Romania: CARP Weekly Meeting



By CARP Romania

On the 23th of November 2016, we organized our weekly meeting. This meeting reunites Romanian CARP members in the middle of the week to reflect again about our purpose and our connection with God and True Parents.

CARP members are the young people who finished two days Divine Principle Workshop and decided to get more involved in changing in good our society centered on God. The purpose of the activity was to read and discuss with young people about the presence of God in our daily lives.

In the beginning, we had an energizer game to give good energy to the members and to encourage teamwork. This game was about listening to the team and finding the hidden object while blindfolded. The teams had to guide the members, to create a strategy and to create unity. Everyone enjoyed the energizer and we could connect more easily with each other.

In teams, we discussed whether or not God has a plan for each of us and how much we can feel God’s presence in our happy or sad moments. Eight people participated from Romania CARP members. Together we shared about our experiences with God and about the responsibility we feel towards God’s plan for us.

The members were encouraged to share about their discussion in front of the group and we could learn something new about God’s heart in guiding us.

We also discussed about the social projects we plan for December: feeding and dressing the homeless people of Bucharest, singing carols for hospitalized children and visiting families with a difficult situation and encouraging them.

In the ending, we sang CARP Song, written by our CARP members to represent Romania CARP.

We have hope that together we can bring a change in Romania and invest in the real treasure of the country: our young people. We are the people who want to take responsibility in front of

God and in front of our nation and with the help of True Parents we will always succeed in our way.