Dominican Republic: Resolutions Supporting the UPF Peace Project



By UPF Dominican Republic, Leonidas Belliard

Based on the great achievement of the Regional Launching of IAPP held in Costa Rica last October, the 12 congressional representatives from Dominican Republish who were at the event, showed their strong desire to work actively supporting the peace project of UPF by holding an event in the Senate building, to present two resolutions together (for the Congress and Senate).

They decided to do it at the national level, so they introduced two resolutions in the National Congress: one in the Senate and another in the Congress. In preparation for that, Senator Amarilis Santana, who participated in the ILC 2015 in Korea, during the launching of the SUNHAK PEACE PRICE, held an event on November 22, 2016, where Mr. Cesar Regalado, current UPF secretary General, was the main speaker. The conference was held in the Dominican Senate building with more than 100 distinguish guests including the honorable President of senate, Dr. Reynaldo Pared Perez, the former president of Senate, Dr. Cristina Lizardo and the Honorable Amarilis Santana.

Mr. Regalado Spoke about WOMEN-FAMILY and PEACE in commemoration of the month of the family which is celebrated every year in our nation. The conference lasted 40 minutes and addressed the critical issues of changing the educational system in order to raise a strong gender equality between man and women, beginning a culture of peace in our families. More than 100 guests attended; most of them from Senate and 40 Ambassadors for Peace and women leaders mobilized by UPF and WFWP.

The next day, on November 23th, a delegation of 4 senators, headed by the Vice President honorable Dionis Sanchez, together with honorable Amarilis Santana, Manuel Guichardo and Manuel Paula gathered at the Senate; Dr. Chang Shik Yang, President of UPF of Latin American, was seated in the middle of the senators representing UPF to receive the IAPP resolutions.

From Congress (House Representatives) a delegation of 13 Congress-men and women came to present their resolution to UPF. This delegation headed by the honorable Rafael Mendez, came to the Senate building to give their resolution in a bicameral event where, both, Senators and Congress-men and women agreed to support and recognize the efforts made by UPF international at the world level.


Honorable Senator Amarilis Santana gave the welcoming remarks giving her testimony of having participated in two ILC events, World Summit 2015 and Regional ILC in Costa Rica.

She said that UPF is really working for true peace in the world, because she could see how people around the world from different religious background, top level politicians, civil society, moved around these great ILC sharing family and moral values as one world family. She was so inspired to be part of this institution, so she could do nothing else than promote these principles in our nation by supporting UPF projects through the national chapter of IAPP.

Honorable senator Manuel Guichardo read the resolution followed by honorable Dionis Sanchez, Vice president of Senate to Dr. Yang, who spoke about the great honor to receiving such recognition in this beautiful nation of The Dominican Republic.

After that, 13 Congressmen and women lead by honorable Rafael Mendez who was the promoter of this resolution, came to the stage to read and present their resolution to Dr. Yang. honorable Rafael Mendez also summited a resolution to create a new commission in the chamber which will dedicated as permanent commission to work and promote the PEACE CULTURE in the Dominican Republic. This resolution is in progress now.


Among the participants, we had the international delegation formed by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Sang Suek Kim, Dr. Dae Hee Hong & Mrs. Hong represented the UPF international. And five (5) senators, head by the vice president of senate plus 15 ambassadors for peace and members, total of 60 people were at event in the Polivalent Auditorium of the Senate building.

We felt the True parents’ vision is realizing in the Dominican Republic. The continuous efforts during last 40 years, such as our nations’ founder and martyr Mr. Martin Bauer, assassinated in 1985, coming of over 500 Japanese’s missionaries during 1996-1997, two official visits of True Parents (1995, 2005), 4 visits of True Family members (1996, 1999, 2006) including 3 times True Mother by herself, more than 30 congressmen and women who participated in ILC different occasions and the consistent efforts of members for the Dominican providence, finally were recognized at the highest national level through this event.

We feel the power of Heavenly Parent and True Parent’s coming down to our nation filling our hearts with gratitude through the grace of this historical time period in the providence.


Puerto Plata City Hall Acknowledgment of UPF Leaders – November 24, 2016

With the main coordination of Dr. Carlos Martinez, Ambassador for Peace and members of Puerto Plata City Council (the main tourist destination city in the Dominican Republic), this recognition event, headed by its mayor Mr. Walter Musa and the president of the City Council, Mr. Jose Duran was held in the main hall auditorium with the presence of all 13 members of the City Council.

Representatives of different areas of society came to welcome the international delegation of UPF international formed by Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Latin American president of UPF, Rev. Sang Suek Kim, Central America president, Dr. Dae Hee Hong, president for Dominican Chapter and Mr. Cesar Regalado, secretary general of UPF in the Dominican Republic plus others delegates who accompanied the delegation.

The first recognition was given to UPF International itself as a “Meritorious Organization” for its great works to building a world of peace and harmony. It was received by Dr. Dae Hong Hong president of Dominican Chapter. The second recognition was given to Dr. Thomas Walsh as an “Honored and Distinguish Guest” in Puerto Plata City, as the international president of UPF, and for his restless dedication for more than 10 year promoting peace initiatives. The third recognition was given to Dr. Chang Shik Yang, honoring him as the president of UPF in Latin America. He received also the Key of the City.

A total of 80 people showed their respects to the delegation, including several media representatives who covered the event.