Purity Program in Romania




By CARP Romania

On the 8th of November 2016, we organized Open Purity Education Event. The purpose of this program was to share the message about ‘Absolute Sex’ for all kind of people. Especially ‘How important prepare for future family’. For this week, the main topic was about “Lineage”. There was many kind of participants with different ages.

This program started with introducing each other in order to know each other. This helped us to overcome the emotions that we had before the beginning of the event.

The program was interactive, beside the presentation of the topic we had two activities in order to understand better the meaning of lineage. First was a game of mime, the goal of the game was to transmit a family motto from generation to generation without speaking. The teaching of the game was that no matter how hard we try, we cannot give only good things to our descendants, they get good and bad things from us.

Second activity was to shar in teams about our lineage, about what we inherited from our parents, grandparents and so on, and what we want to give to the future generations.

Everybody realized is important how he is developing himself as preparation for the future, in order to give only the best characteristics to the descendants.

The conclusion of the lecturer was that is important to have as many experiences as possible and she gave as example one colleague from university that took some time off his study in order to experience people. He was travelling and was going to people asking to wash their toilets. In this way, he could experience a lot of people, in Korea, Japan and USA.

The guests had a good time and they said they will come back with other occasions and they were happy to participate in this meeting.

We wish this program bring new wind of True Love for Romania young people and help them to create ideal family in the future.

Thank you so much Heavenly Parents and True Parents.