Philippine: 2nd Generation’s Leadership Training Camp


By FFWPU Philippine

Last October 28 to 30, 2016, the Second Phase of the Leadership Training Camp organized by the National Blessed Children Committee (NBCC) in cooperation with CARP Philippines with the Pokemon Go theme, “Training Oneself for an Evolution of Generation,” was held at International Peace Leadership College with 114 participants including 43 new 1st generation guests whom the blessed children invited.

The participants were welcomed by a powerful lecture on Principles of Peace by Mr. Errol Delmote, Secretary General of CARP Philippines. It was then followed consecutively by a Pure Love Lecture by the same lecturer. Participants were moved and deeply inspired of the contents of the lecture as Mr. Delmonte was very direct during his pure love lecture and he also gave points about leadership when he was discussing about the Principles of Peace. An astounding Introduction to CARP and its core values was given later that evening by Ms. Jayandan Malle, pioneer of CARP Cavite and Asian Top Gun 1st batch graduate. Deeper lectures such as Purpose of Life and The Human Fall were given on the second day of the workshop. Participants were very motivated throughout the series of lectures as it was filled with practical games from the contents of the lectures given by Mr. Joven Gulayao, CARP center leader, during the Purpose of Life and exciting activities given by Victor Rabaño, Asian Blessed Children President and Philippine NBCC President, who lectured the Human Fall. On the last day of the camp, Kristine Rabaño, former President of WCARP University of the Philippines Los Baños and Logistics Head of the NBCC, gave a lecture on ownership and dreaming big by giving insights on how to establish CARP in their local areas and that they too can contribute for global peace through joining CARP.


Not only intellectual education but internal and heartistic education was also given to the participants. This was through the team discussions, team activities and group dynamics prepared by both the staff and the organizers. In a team, there were both Blessed Children and Non-Blessed Children present as well as local and international mixed in different teams. It was a challenge for some team leaders during the team reflections to educate and internalize the content of the lectures as language was one of the challenges, as well as the spiritual maturity of the participants. “At first, I thought that I will be having a hard time but the chemistry in our team is very strong and we get along very well,” said Won Joo Maglangit, one of the team leaders who had an equal number of BCs and Non BCs in her team. Through the different activities, not only the participants but the team leaders and the staff were able to come out of their comfort zone and breakthrough their limits during the camp. Many of the participants, most especially the new guests are now asking about the next Training Camp and where to connect to CARP even if some of them are still in High School.

This LTC phase 2 was the harvest from the past months since the first Leadership Training Camp (LTC). Since after the 1st phase of LTC held last May, the Blessed Children have been investing and working hard to witness and invite their guests for the second phase of the workshop. This was through the inspiration and guidance given by Asia’s Continental Director and Special Emissary to Asia, Dr. Chung-Sik Yong, and the inspirational message of Philippine National President and Cheon-il Guk Special Envoy, Dr. Julius Malicdem, the blessed children understood that it is not enough to keep their faith but it is also important for them to multiply. John Mhel Policarpio who is only 16 years old was able to invite 5 of his classmates to the workshop. Joan Buyayo, 14, and Jaen Buyayo, 15, were also able to invite 10 children from their tribal area through the help of their parents and tribal coordinator.

The objectives of the workshop which is to serve as training ground and turning point of evolution for the youth today (BCs and NON-BCs) towards becoming Principled Global Leaders, to promote early witnessing mindset for Blessed Children, appreciation to embody it and help them search for potential spiritual children, to inspire Blessed Children in the universities to establish CARP in their respective campuses, and to solidify Philippine Blessed Children and CARP towards the goal in raising youth leaders to contribute for Vision 2020. (By Ms. Yiesun Vergara)



  • Won Joo Maglangit, 17, 2nd Generation BC: “It’s a good feeling when new guests ( invitees) learn and understand the Divine Principle that’s why I hope that there will be more activities like this wherein we can help our friends be educated well with the Principle.”
  • Crystal Allen Leaño, 16, 1st generation new Invitee: “I’ve found the answers to my questions like why do people sin? I have realized this through the lectures this afternoon by CARP regarding the Human Fall. I’ve learned many things in this lecture.”
  • Ylyssa Galvez, 15 1st generation new Invitee: “I’ve learned that sex is not something dirty and profane but it is the cause why I am here on Earth.”
  • Arlene Francisco, 1st generation new Invitee: “The purpose of my life and yours is ‘living for the sake of others’. I also learned from the lecture of the root of sin that sin started when Adam and Eve had an illicit sexual relationship. Stay pure because this is the best gift to your husband. We need to stay pure for our own future”
  • Arlene Francisco, 1st generation new invitee: “It is the 3rd day of our seminar, and it is also the last day of the seminar. I learned so many things in this seminar that school doesn’t teach. Being part of this seminar is a pleasure for me. And it was also nice to socialize with the people we just met. This seminar will not only improve our leadership but it will also improve our relationship with God. It is so incredible to know more about God. This seminar helped us to realize things. It also tackled about how we should treat and obey our parents. Our parents are the representative of God because we are not able to see God. This seminar also discussed that being a leader is not about the title you are holding but the way you do your job as a leader and how you treat your members because a leader should have a good character. It also tackled about pure love and what was the origin of our sin. And we must protect our purity for our future husband or wife. It was so nice to be part of this seminar and hoping I’ll be able to come to the next seminar.”
  •  Rose Ann Debutan, 1st Generation new invitee: “The 3days seminar or 3days camp for me was very great and educational. It taught me a lot of things especially on how am I going to change and improve myself to become a better one individual but it helped me gain confidence, and it helped me socialize with other people. Through all the lectures I’ve learned different but essential things in life that you need to go out to your comfort zone for you to grow. The seminar emphasized about leadership and everyone can be a leader someday. Even in a young age, we need to recognize our responsibilities in others and in our community, that a leader is not a requirement but a responsibility. To be a good leader, we need to have a good character first. The most beautiful thing I’ve learned is that everyone needs to keep purity because our sexual organ is not our property but it is for God and future spouse. As a teen with goals, we need to be careful, think first before doing anything because by being a good and goal oriented child, we can make God happy and also our parents. This is the simplest but best way to give back the love, sacrifices, and everything they have done for us. Everyone can evolve into a great person.”
  • Hannah Faith Vergara, 18, 2nd Generation BC: “In this 3-day workshop, we learned many things about how to become a good leader, keep your purity, live for the sake of others, and many more. I will really miss my group mates, my new friends, the lectures, and all. I will truly bring home the lessons that I’ve learned in this three days. It can help me a lot in my daily life, and I can share my experiences to my friends who didn’t join this workshop. I will encourage them to join the next workshop so that they can also experience all that I had. Then, they can use it and they will know their purpose in life. Three days is so short, even though it was a short time we had fun, and we unite our mind and body, we give love to one another (one for all, all for one). Even though sometimes we struggle, we fix it all together. If one of our group mates has a problem, we will help her. Becoming a leader is not that easy because you are responsible to all your members, so we are so thankful and blessed to have our team leader who truly helped us in everything, doing her best to teach and guide us. Thank you team leader, I am also thankful to our lecturer, staffs, and coordinator of this workshop because they did their best to teach us well and make this workshop fun and memorable. Because this is my first time joining LTC, I will surely join again so that I can learn more and I can share to others again. Thank you to all because we had fun and learned many things. I hope that next workshop I can see all the faces here and new ones. Keep purity before marriage. Live for the sake of others!”
  • Preston Kyle Tanate, 15, 2nd Generation BC: “Overall, only the word ‘successful’ can describe this camp, accompanied by the adjective ‘very.’ At the very beginning, I was doubting whether the invitees will like this or not, because seriously, I don’t even know what is their perspective to us BCs. I am totally grateful that this was organized though it was just 3 days, but I felt the change within others and me. We must truly apply all what we have learned here, to our daily lives. Change must come and I am sure that we will see the same faces next camp! Evolution for future generations! Aju”
  • Gabriel Castro, 18, 1st generation new invitee: “On the second day or on the last day, I have things actually many things, like living for the sake of others, respecting your parents, be patient most of in love and being fruitful, etc. So thank you to all lecture finally I found something deep inside in my heart that I’ll never change for money, A purpose of life. Actually, I found it with group, my friends, my brother or can we say MY FAMILY. To all the group, my sisters and brothers that I’m glad I found a bunch of a family – A family that will never leave me and always welcome. There are many things that I wanted to say or write but to make it short, I realized that money, fame, etc. is not important. The most important thing is love, trust, God etc. Like in a team building, amazing race and cultural show. A team will never stand without a leader also without a member, the key is COOPERATION and everything will go smooth and flow. It’s just sad the three days is so short, I wish I can extend it to 5-days and more because I want to know more deeply my purpose of my life. I hope I can attend in many more event of WCARP. WCARP Thank you!! saranghae!! Thank you to my Grand True Parents for an eye open reality! Thank you! Kamsahamnida”