Peru: International Day of Peace and the Peace Road 2016


By UPF Peru


Day of Peace

For the second consecutive year, Ambassadors for Peace in Peru focused on the Ayacucho City for the celebration of the UN’s International Day of Peace. Ayacucho was the center of terrorist activities in Peru from 1980 to 2000, with an estimated of 70,000 people being killed. The population of this region still carries the scars of this conflict, and UPF has been investing in them for the past four years, appointing Ambassadors for Peace and providing education for peace through forums and other activities.

A team of Ambassadors from Lima, the capital city, arrived in Huamanga (Ayacucho) early in the morning of the 19th, and we were called to meet the mayor of the city. He received us ceremonially at the square of the municipal building and we gave him a large flag of the UPF that will be used during the Day of Peace. That day, we visited places where the remains of citizens were found in recent years. They had been tortured and killed by the military in this internal war, and many survivors still do not know what happened to their husbands, wives, and children.

On the September 20, we held a forum at the Municipal Theatre with the title “Education for a Culture of Peace”. The Mayor opened the meeting and various experts spoke on the theme. Dr. Jones presented the vision of Rev. Moon with a speech called “Constructing a World of Peace. The Family is the Cornerstone.” At this event twelve new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed.


On the 21, the day began early with representatives from many schools and colleges, as well as various NGOs and local organizations. About 1,500 people marched through the city and gathered in the main square, where they listened to speeches from the city leaders who also gave prizes to various organizations who are working for peace.

We combined these activities with the launch of the Pace Road 2016 in Peru. The flags of Peru and the UPF were raised together in the main square. After the meeting, Dr. Jones was interviewed by various radio stations. During the evening, he spoke on local television.

The following morning, in a ceremony at the town hall, the Mayor recognized the work of the UPF by giving Dr. Jones an “Honored Guest” status, and presented him the keys to the city. Also, in the city of Trujillo, two forums were held in the Day of Peace, including around 200 participants.


Peace Road

Cheong Il Guk Missionaries and CARP members held a service activity by painting the house of CAIF, which takes care of many children. Five new associated university students also worked together. CIG Missionaries, who perform testimony activity introducing the autobiography of True Father, invited them.

The event launch at the theater of Ayacucho’s municipality with the flags of our nation Peru and UPF and we continue walk to the main square of Ayacucho.