Peace Road 2016 in Nicaragua


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By UPF Nicaragua

0n Sunday the 13th of November of this year 2016 in the city of Managua, the Universal Peace Federation together with the Nicaraguan Cyclist Federation and other sponsors held a cyclist race in the name of the Peace Road.

The Archbishop of the Catholic Church Monseñor Mombach, gave a prayer to God to initiate the competition that was a true festival dedicated to world peace connecting with the International Peace Road.

The activity consisted of a cyclist competition race divided into six categories involving about 150 cyclists.

About 250 other people were present among them members of the police, sponsors, various representatives of the communication medium like television and the newspaper, Peace Ambassadors and the public in general. Together with the cyclists, about 400 people were in this event.

The emotions of the winners gave an atmosphere of a grand celebration.

The activity took place without any incident but with an atmosphere of jubilation and joy where all the participants enjoyed an atmosphere of satisfaction and where it lived a true exercise of a life in peace under the Vision 2020 of the founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.