Peace Road 2016 in Kosovo



By CARP Kosovo

21st of September is declared by UN as the “International Day of Peace”, meanwhile “Peace Road” is a project which connects all the world, starting from an imaginary international high way, until the moment when an international high way network will be established, all of this inspired by our True Parents. In this day FFWPU, UPF and CARP Kosovo, organized an event with the theme: “Peace Road on International Day of Peace” with the participation of 40 people.

We started the activity in our center. An entertaining program was well organized creating a good atmosphere with songs, beat box, games, video presentation about Peace Road and latest activities of FFWPU, and as well a short speech about the Importance of True Peace by Mrs. Hatixhe Hoxha – chairwomen of UPF, Kosovo, and a message from Mrs. Savjola Konja – Community Leader of FFWPU in Pristina, Kosovo. Mrs. Konja spoke about True Parents’ initiatives all around the world and she encouraged the participants to find peace in their hearts, in their families and in society and to become peacemakers.

The main part of the program continued in the National Park of Pristina where the participants rode the bikes for about

30 minutes to spread the message of this day. Then in the end we danced, shared the feelings about this experience, sign the banner and had a nice cocktail.

Since our financial and human resources were not so big as to have an immediate impact in national level, we hope to have plant in the heart of participants the vision of peace for our country and for the world. We are very grateful to everyone who made it possible for this activity to be organized.

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