Paraguay: The Fundamental Role of Women



By WFWP Paraguay

On November 19, 2016 we held our monthly lecture meeting.

Dr. Alda Cardozo who recently finished her Divine Principle studies, spoke about “The fundamental role of women to generate a positive change in our country”. She asked the participants to join her giving their opinion about the theme. All women were very inspired and gave many wonderful insights.

Then Mrs. Roswitha Giuliano gave the speech about “Building strong Marriages”. Also this time the women got very inspired and some gave their insights about this lecture.

After the lectures all women joined in the Karaoke singing of some beautiful Paraguayan Songs.

At the end Roswitha Giuliano invited all participants to join WFWP as collaborator, financially and/ or with their time. All women were also very positive about it. And completed the respective forms.

The event ended with a refreshment and fraternization.

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