Nigeria: Kick-off Ceremony for Harmony and Unity to fulfill Vision 2020



By FFWPU Nigeria

On 30 October 2016 the Kick-off Ceremony for Harmony and Unity to fulfil Vision 2020 was conducted in Nigeria in four locations – Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Eket. In Eket the ceremony was done during a three Days workshop organized by National Headquarters for Blessed Wives from Rivers, Cross River and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria. Members of the local church congregation in Eket were in attendance at the Kick-off ceremony.

A PeaceTv Weekly Update video of the Korean – Japanese Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Kick-Off Ceremony of Harmony and Unity to fulfil Vision 2020 was shown. And after having someone read our True Mother’s speech, the National Leader, Rev George M. Ogurie used the opportunity to expound on the meaning of Vision 2020. He stressed the importance of the Divine Principle and the Ideal of the Blessing becoming a mainstream thought in the nation. He said this can only be achieved through aggressive witnessing and Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities. Citing other religious or even political ideas that are in the mainstream in the country, he expressed confidence that we can indeed make the True Parents’ Blessing a household idea, something everyone wants to have. A Blessed couple should be something everyone wants to be and everyone wants to be from a Blessed Family.


True Mother had said in her speech that:

“Standing in the position of True Parents, however, I cannot just stand back and watch. Don’t we have to realize God’s dream, True Parents’ dream and humanity’s hope? ….

Without having to say anything more, my dream is yours. Isn’t that so?

Please advance with the determination to absolutely achieve this Will with True Mother, until your very last breath.”

In response to this passionate appeal by True Mother, members determined to do the recommended devotions during the 100 days period from 1st November 2016 to 9th February 2017. In addition, all members were encouraged to go to a new area for pioneer witnessing for 40 days during the 100 days period.

One sister, Mrs Kassy Enuah, testified that two months before, her husband told her that he had received a revelation from spiritual world that he should go pioneering at a nearby town called Uruan. He went with nothing and struggled at first and returned. A week ago he got a strong urge to go again. And this time he was guided to meet a prepared person who gave him accommodation and a place to teach the Divine Principle in that town. Mrs Enuah said the announcement of the 100 days devotion came to her as a confirmation that indeed what her husband had set out to do was God’s command.

The State Leader of Akwa Ibom State Pastor Aniekeme Emmanuel also announced that he would go to do his own 40 days pioneering in Oron. Thereupon, he requested other members to choose towns within the state where they would go to do their own pioneering.

The Kick-off ceremony ended with cheers of Eug-Mansei and a group photo session.


Blessed Wives Workshop in Eket

That weekend, 28-30 October, 32 sisters from Rivers, Cross River and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria had been attending a 3-Day Blessed Wives workshop. This was the second after the one held in Lagos a month earlier with the theme: “Empowering Mothers for Vision 2020,” and it was for the benefit of those who could not attend the Lagos workshop.

The third in the series of Blessed Wives workshop was concluded in Abuja, 4-6 November, with 15 participants.

Participants at the second and third workshop had a clear direction from what was decided at the Lagos workshop to embark on a drive for a National Convention of Blessed Wives as a follow-up strategy to educate families that have been blessed through the Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities.



Mrs. Jeannette Ezeocha: I am greatly inspired through this workshop and I thank God and True Parents for it. As wife of the State Leader in Rivers State, I am determined to stay in the lead to encourage other sisters in our state to fulfil our duties as Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

Victor Akpan: On behalf of the local church here, I must say we have really been awakened by the words we heard today. I am bold to say I am a proud member of the Unification Church and so I determine to observe all the conditions stipulated for the 100 days together with my family. Aju!!!