Nepal: The 5th National 2nd Generation Workshop



By FFWPU Nepal


The 5th National 2nd Generation Workshop took place at the birth place of Lord Buddha at Rupandehi District, Lumbini, Nepal, on October 21-24, 2016.

We had 36 participants from all over Nepal, including staff and lecturers. The day started with the morning devotion (HDH) and exercise. On the first day, Mr. Ram Prasad Gaywali, presented a lecture “God’s Creation and Man’s Three Stages of Life Centering on the Spirit World”. Mr. Gaywali emphasized how God invested his whole heart to create an object partner of joy and how to develop our character and consciousness so that we feel inner peace and happiness. The lectureHeaven and Hell” given by Rev. Binod Dangi, the FFWPU-Nepal vice president, emphasized that we must “live with a conscience of high-noon without shadow” and he added “We must listen and follow our conscience”.


Participants discussed about their “Life of Faith” after the presentation by the Education Director of the 2nd Generation Department – Nepal, Mrs. Janphen Gurung. “The Role of 2nd Gen in Building CIG Families” was given by the Blessed Family Department-Nepal Director, Mr. Prakash Babu Thapa.

One participant said “This was the most inspiring lecture of this workshop for me. Even though I already attended and served in so many programs outside and inside the church but still I didn’t have the confidence to witness people. I am really determined to stand and lead people back to God. And for this, I promise myself to really move forward and push my-self to the limit and then finally breakthrough.”


After the lecture, the participants had the opportunity to visit Lord Buddha’s birth place and 6 temples built by the Buddhist communities from different countries in the Monastic Zone and some participants said “Today, we visited about 6 temples of Buddha built up by different Buddhist followers of different countries. The beauty of the nature energized me fully by grace of Lord Buddha. I’m feeling very lucky to visit Lumbini”

The participants experienced loving nature through street clean-up (service for peace) as part of the program at the sacred garden of Lord Buddha.

Participants are very inspired and experience the unforgettable bond with one another. Through the games and bicycle ride during workshop strong unity was created. They determined to join the higher level of education and workshop in Thailand coming December.