Mozambique: Kick off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020


By FFWPU Mozambique, Paluku Mulekya

We hold the kick off ceremony for harmony and unity for to fulfill 2020 vision on October 31, 2016. In this event, we inspired by True Mother speech calling us to save 7.3 billion of the population of this world.

With this event, members began a special 100-day devotions for the victory of the providence. Most our members are going through a substantial and real rebirth, because Divine Principle and all True Parents’ teaching is changing lives in Mozambique. Those who are experiencing positive changes trough Divine Principle, are more committed to also help others to change.

For Mozambique Divine Principle is not a theory but a substantial word for human being to be free all the Satanic bondage and experience Heavenly Parent source of happiness. This is why we in Mozambique, are together with True Mother in this final battle to save the world.