Kosovo: One Day Peace Conference



by UPF Kosovo

On October 21, 2016 we hold one-day conference in Hotel “SIRIUS”, Pristina in Kosovo. The theme for the conference was “Righteous Peace, Sustainable Peace” and it had three sessions.

Around 90 VIPs, Ambassadors for Peace, Current and former Members of Parliament from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia participated in the event. The conference was honored by the presence and the address of Former President of Albania Alfred Moisiu, Former President of Kosovo Fatmir Sejdiu, and the Former Chairman of the Parliament of Kosovo Jakup Krasniqi.

The conference was honored also by Special Emissaries of True Parents to Europe, Dr. No Hi Pak and Prof. Lan Young Moon and the European UPF General Secretary, Mr. Jaques Marion, who had traveled long distance in order to support the conference and bring Heavenly Parent and True Parents to the event.

Dr. Pak conveyed True Mother’s message to participants, while Mr. Marion talked about the principles of peace and the role of parliamentarians in building sustainable peace.

The main focus of the first session of the conference was the topic “Mother Teresa and Adem Demaçi, inspiration for sustainable peace”. The panel was moderated by Mr. Hydajet Hyseni – member of Global Peace Council and the referees were the religious representative of Catholic church, Don Shan Zefi, of Islam Community of Kosovo – Haxhi Resul Rexhepi, of Bektashi community – Father Mumin Lamaj. Other speaker were Dr. Flora Brovina, Member of Kosovo Parliament and Mr. Daut Demaku Founder of Positive Thinking in Kosovo, who talked about the example and the life work of Mother Teresa and Adem Demaci.


The second session of the conference was titled “Ambassadors for Peace as Promoters of Good Governance, Democratic Parliamentarianism and State of Law in realizing Peace and Stability in Balkan Region”. The panel was moderated by Mr. Ali Lacej – Coordinator of Albanian Peace Council, and the speakers were Hon. Namik Dokle – Albanian Member of Parliament, Mr. Jaques Marion – General Secretary of UPF in Europe, Mrs. Hatixhe Hoxha – Chairman of UPF Kosovo, Mr. Bajram Ibraj – Chairman of UPF Albania from 2011 to 2015 and Mr. Ibrahim Berisha – Kosovo sociologist.

In the third session of the conference speakers talked about “The Commitment and the Contribution of Parliamentarians in Building Standards for the Treatment of the Minorities – Kosovo a good example”. The panel was moderated by Hon. Ismajl Kurteshi, Kosovo Member of Parliament, and the speakers were Hon. Gaqo Apostoli – Chairman of UPF Albania and Former MP, Hon. Nora Aliti – Member of Parliament of Macedonia, Hon. Shaip Kamberi – Mayor of Bujanoc city and Former MP in Serbia, and Hon. Sanije Alijaj, Former Member of Parliament of Kosovo.

The conference concluded with the appointment of five new Ambassadors for Peace, who joined the big family of Ambassadors for Peace.

VIPs who were appointed as Ambassadors for peace were: Hon. Nora Aliti – Member of the Parliament of Macedonia, Hon. Shaip Kamberi – Mayor of Bujanoc and former Member of Parliament in Serbia, Mr. Ibrahim Berisha – Sociologist, Mrs. Kimet Zeqa – member of Pristine Assembly, and Mr. Syrja Xhelaj, Secretary General of World Bektashi Community.

In the end, all the participants were invited to take a group photo and share freely with each other.