Kenya: Kick-off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020



By FFWPU Kenya, Mwalagho Kililo

In Kenya we conducted the 100- Day Activities Kick – Off Ceremony on the October 30th,2016 at Peace House, Nairobi.

Several Conditions during this period of 100 day Activities Kick off were agreed upon, all members pledged to do the conditions and participate in Tribal Messiah activities and others for the realization of Vision 2020 and the Restoration of Kenya as one of the Strategic Nations without fail.

Conditions set are as follows;

  • Chain Breakfast for all Members.
  • 7 Minutes Prayer Condition for all Members.
  • Reading Divine Principle Twice Within 100 days.
  • Vigil- Prayer Vigil every Friday.
    • Some of the Conditions were already ongoing

Participation: Around 100 members participated in the main launching ceremony and affirmed their commitment and Dedication to realizing Vision 2020.

Members determined to achieve with True Mother the Nation of Cheon Il Guk until the very last breath.