Italy: A good beginning is always very important!



By FFWPU Italy, Giuseppe Cali

On November 6th, 2016, the community of Brescia organized a one-day seminar for guests. The community, as result of the recent beginning of 100 days, committed to start a new period of witnessing. They could gather 11 guests and 17 members and have a wonderful workshop on Divine Principle based theme “The True Family and Blessing”. George Godonou, the pastor presented it and Ignazio Cabras taught the Divine Principle content. They could convey, together with all brothers and sisters of the community, the heart of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents to all audience.

They prepared a nice inter ethnical lunch for everybody and share a time of friendship among the various nationalities present at the workshop. The community of Brescia is very small, but they have a great potential, being formed mainly by brothers and sisters that immigrated to Italy. They have thousands of people with whom they could share the same experience, being Italy nowadays a place where masses of immigrants are coming, most of them very religious and good conscientious people. From the words of George Godonou, the pastor: “Thanks to the families of our small community, for having working so hard to realize this victory for Italy, here in Brescia.

There are many challenges in front of us, but we are not alone. We have God and True Parents, we have our ancestors, we have our brothers and sisters of Italian movement. The time has come for us to gather the citizens of the Cheon Il Guk and allow them to enter the realm of the Blessing”. Just the night before the workshop some members of the Brescia community had dreams with True Parents and ancestors.

We started this period of mobilization of 100 days in the best possible way, having guests in all cities at our Sunday services and workshops. A good beginning is always very important and gives strength and hope fro the final success. Thanks God and True Parents!