Italy: A Beautiful Blessing Ceremony



By FFWPU Italy

On October 23rd, 2016, we held a Blessing ceremony in Padua, Italy. Seven couple attended the ceremony that was officiated by the national leaders Giuseppe and Elisabetta Calì. Among the seven couples, a Christian Pastor and his wife and a Muslim couple, giving the ceremony itself an interreligious value.

Two main speeches were given, explaining the meaning of the Holy Wine and the Blessing itself, by Ignazio Cabras and Giuseppe Calì. Religious leaders from various religions opened the ceremony with their prayers, together with Patrizia Kershbaummayr, head of the Blessing department in Italy and Adosco Comito, pastor of Bergamo, representing Unificationism. Angelo Chirulli was the MC and together with his family were the main organizers of the event and they did a wonderful job that inspired all the other members.

As always in Blessing ceremonies the atmosphere was wonderful and happiness flows throughout the hearts of either participants and spectators, that filled up the hall. Everybody could feel some of the highest peak of spirituality in their life experience and the Presence of God.

A rich banquet followed, making the joy even more substantial for everybody, not only for the quality of the food but mainly for the sharing we had while being together.


We planned to hold Blessing ceremonies every few months, going city to city and spreading True Parents’ lineage, hope and vision all over Italy, starting from the cities where we have communities, but not only. We want to reach the hometowns as well.

While the event was successful, we don’t want to forget to reflect more deeply on this event. We had more than twenty couples ready to receive the Blessing. They received proper education, as those who participated now, but for several reasons they couldn’t come. They had sicknesses and other apparently good reasons, but we know very well that external reasons are never enough to explain everything. We realized that we have to fight more, set stronger conditions, if we want to save people and bring them into the Cheon Il Guk. We were happy about the event, but on the same time we really repented for all those who couldn’t come and re-determined ourselves to do more next time.

We thank our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for giving us such a joyful and meaningful life, even though there is still so much to fight until the complete victory in our country, but this is what makes our life even more exiting and our relationships deeper and deeper. I conclude with the motto we were given by True Parents in the last Assembly in Korea, because it fits very well with our providential time: “With a Heart of Filial Piety to Heaven, let’s become the light of the World!”. This is what we want to do in Italy now until the Kingdom comes.