Hong Kong: Cross-strait Peace Consultative Conference


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By UPF Greater China

On November 26, 2016, UPF-Greater China hosted a conference on The Future of Cross-Strait Relations: The Way of Cooperation, Sustainable Development and Peace, held at the Open University of Hong Kong.

Topics from the conference covered contemporary cross-strait challenges including climate change, territorial disputes in the South China Sea, management of marine resources, and tourism. Around 40 participants from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao attended representing a variety of sectors, including government, academia, media and civil society.

In the opening session, the key address was given by the vice president of the Chinese Cultural Development Association of the People’s Republic of China. Opening remarks were given by a representative of the president of the Open University of Hong Kong. Opening remarks were also given by the former head of the Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan and by the president of Renmin University’s Cross-Strait Relations Research Center.

During the whole-day event, four sessions around each of the four topics were organized. A panel of speakers giving brief remarks kicked off each session, followed by an open round-table discussion including all participants. The day concluded with a dinner banquet with a warm atmosphere as participants talked and shared and a few even sang songs.

Participants expressed that the conference offered a valuable opportunity to engage and hear from the various perspectives of the different regions. It was noted that the different stakeholders in these issues often assume that they know each other’s views. However, through direct discussion with one another, they could understand each other more clearly.

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