Germany: Principle of Peace



By FFWPU Germany, Annette Bentele

The Universal Peace Federation and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Munich invited their guests to get to know more about their principles of peace on Saturday afternoon, October 22, 2016.

We had twenty participants, and among them we had seven guests who followed the invitation very interested.

After a few words of introduction by the moderator,Annette Bentele, the first lecture given by Siegfried Jensen was about the matter how valuable it is to get to know God.

He spoke about the world as “a complex system that keeps us alive” and about “the invisible kinship of love” that man feels looking at God’s creation. The highest expression of love becomes visible in the relationship between parents and children that originates in God, the father and mother of the universe.

The second lecturer, Wolf Osterheld, spoke about the fundamental reciprocal relationships of giving and receiving in the creation. This principle is the base for all existence, development and multiplication. He taught about the purpose of creation and the Three Blessings that God gave to man: the personal maturity as a child of God, the ability to become a co-creator of God and the love to the natural environment and all creatures. The family is the school of all types of love.

In the third lecture Jürgen Göb first shared about the origin of these principles of peace as a revelation of God through Rev. Moon. His main topic was to define man as an eternal spiritual being created by God as the center and mediator of the physical and spiritual world. He also spoke about the reciprocal relationship of these two worlds, and how man can grow spiritually. The purpose of our existence can’t be understood without knowing God. By quoting parts of the book ‘The Divine Principle’ he let Rev. Moon speak himself.

In the coffee break, there were vivid discussions going on amongst all participants. And they expressed their interest in further lectures especially about the origin of evil.