Germany: Ceremony to mark the Opening of the new Center in Nürnberg



By FFWPU Germany, Dietmar Jorde

October 9 2016, was a very special day for Nürnberg: our new community center was inaugurated! Special guests were Rev. Jun Seok An and Robert and Anette Bentele from the Munich community.

MC Dietmar Jorde started off by describing the complicated path leading up to this event. After terminating the contract for the old center in Adam-Klein-Street, our desire was to take big steps into the future and involve the second generation by buying a property. We felt like the Israelites who were finally able to settle in the land of Canaan after 40 years of wandering in the desert. The fact is that as a movement we have a similar time of difficulty behind us since the climax with Washington Monument in 1976.

But after we made the first serious steps to realize our goal, we had to accept that we did not yet have the capacity to realize such a project. We were offered the use of a rough and ready meeting hall belonging to the city for a few weeks. Then our city leader Peter Haller surprised us with the news that he had signed a rental agreement for a new center in the south of Nürnberg. What was special about that? A professional office building, a sympathetic landlord and situated on the edge of a completely newly-planned area of the city – Lichtenreuth!

After this explanation which was mainly directed at our guests, Rev An gave us a noteworthy address of which only the main points are summarized here: The first matter on his heart was to point out our value as members. Then he spoke about unity. God is one with himself and with the universe and this unity is the basis for peace. Unity can only be realized with true love and enables us to share the same feelings and hopes and to have the same desires. And our motivation should always be directed towards a higher purpose; for example, it is not enough to study simply to make money.


He also gave us guidance as to how to achieve happiness, and stressed that if we only chase after our own happiness, then we are on the wrong path. God created us such that in order to find happiness ourselves, we have to make others happy. And just as we have to train hard if we wish to play an instrument well or excel at sports, so must true love be learnt. And this is the reason I have a partner, children and neighbor! Even the Blessing is just the beginning; we have to train. The new center should be a building in which we can realize unity!

Peter Haller then thanked Rev An for this inauguration speech and expressed his hope that the new center will be a place where we can become closer to the ideal of God and True Parents. And he expressed his vision for the future thus: the one who loves something the most, is the owner. In this way, we can become owners of this center.

After the service there was a wonderful selection of food and drinks which we enjoyed together in fellowship.