France: To spread True Parents’ philosophy of education


Figure 1Invitation leaflet for the conference – Figure 2Leaflet: Program for the season 2016-2017

Awaken Wisdom: Self-Respect and Respect for Others

By FFWPU France

Les Ulis, France, 21. October 2016


The general topic for this season’s (September 2016 to May2017) discussions and conferences of our local association “Familles et valeurs – Orsay-Les Ulis”( FAVORLU) is education. The underlying purpose is to explain True Parent’s philosophy on education.

A 2013 law introduced a teaching of moral and civic education in the public-school system in France. Mrs. Claire Aune, a well experienced school teacher spoke about this program and her first-hand experience in school.

She explained that self-respect can develop in a child based on how the child is perceived by the parents. It is in the eyes of love of the parents that the child can see himself or herself as a valuable being.

From there, the child can also understand the value of his or her siblings and thereafter the value of other people.

The discussion was very lively and several questions were raised such as: who has the primary responsibility in a child’s life to moral and ethical education? Is it the parents and family or the school and the state? The influence the media was mentioned and how the parents can preserve their children from its bad influence.

The recent reports about violence of high school students towards teachers and educational personnel was also questioned. Where does it come from?

It became very clear that the education given in school alone cannot produce good people. Good and conscientious people are foremost formed within the family.

As for the source of wisdom for educators, some participants mentioned nature, others common sense. Religion was only mentioned in a private conversation…