First European Cranes Club Health Conference



By FFWPU Europe, Catriona Valenta and Sonja Read

The first European Cranes Club Seminar for health care professionals attracted over 40 participants from over 11 European countries and from Sudan on November 11-13, 2016 which was held in Seebenstein, Austria. Participants included older and younger Unificationists (1st and 2nd generation) who either work in the health care profession, or are interested in health related issues. True Father often said that it is important to unify Eastern and Western. Hence, the main objective was to find a way how various health professionals can merge their profession for this common goal.

The conference featured a series of presentations on topics ranging from dental care, Chinese medicine, ‘energy medicine’, nutrition, differences between Eastern and Western, scientific and alternative medicine, and the history of Isshin Hospital in Japan.

The participants could also choose between different practical sessions on emotional healing, music therapy, hand acupuncture, emergency life support and more. Effort was made to provide healthy food, and there were morning sports and stretching breaks between sessions. In the evening, there was time for networking and a professional musical performance by two young violinists from Vienna.

During the closing session on Sunday, a core issue was raised to be further clarified and developed; what do we, as health care professionals aspiring to create CIG, have to offer that is unique and different? The participants were encouraged to give this point consideration, and to use this as a guiding thought for their everyday life and for future health conferences.

Although True Mother had young people in mind when she created the Cranes Club, there was a great synergy between the 1st and 2nd generation. There was a mix of professionals with years of experience and younger practitioners who could share recent research findings, and all could learn from each other.

The enthusiasm which this first meeting generated leaves no room for doubt that the Cranes Club is a winning concept and we look forward to exciting developments!

Main points which emerged:

  • Another health conference next year.
  • A strategic working group to define goals/a vision of health in Cheon Il Guk
  • A facebook group for Cranes Club/UM health professionals (no age limit) Find us under “Cranes Club- Health Professional Network”. Network”.