European Regional Leaders’ Meeting


By FFWPU Europe

From the arrivals on Friday, the 4th of November, until the closing lunch on Sunday, the 6th, European regional leaders, Special Emissaries and headquarters staff met in the beautiful Spanish headquarters in Madrid. This was one in a series of quarterly meetings of European regional leaders whose purpose is to update each other and discuss plans on how to support True Parents as we move toward 2020.

The major topics of discussion in Sessions 1 and 2 were witnessing and Blessing, Tribal Messiahship, and Special Grace ceremonies, plus issues related to those topics. Session 3 covered issues related to UPF and WFWP and included a report about the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP). The final session, on Sunday morning, covered governance and transition, the goals and determination during the 100- day period from 1st November until Foundation Day 2017, and suggestions for the next European CIG Leaders Meeting in March 2017.

The final session ended with a lottery to match European regions with Albanian communities, in an effort to offer support to our only “strategic nation” here in Europe. Each European region, in consultation with the national leader of Albania, will look at ways in which it can support the activities of our brothers and sisters in the nine Albanian communities. The pairing resulted in the following matches:

  • Austria and Slovenia – Vlora
  • Scandinavia – Skodra
  • Italy and San Marino – Kosovo
  • France, Belgium, Luxembourg – Elbasan
  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein – Korca
  • Germany and the Netherlands – Duras
  • UK and the island nations – New Tirana Centre
  • Eastern European nations – Fier
  • Iberian nations – Tirana Centre

The meeting concluded with all the leaders gathering with members of the Madrid community for Sunday service in the main hall of the center. Our European Special Emissary Dr. No Hi Pak gave an inspiring sermon, based on the fourth anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa.

In addition to the meeting at the Spanish headquarters, we also were invited to tour the Tongil company factory, located about 30 kilometers outside Madrid. Begun in the mid-1970s with a few members selling ginseng imported from Korea and with the first year’s turnover around 9,000 Euros (in pesos), it now employs more than 80 workers and has an annual turnover of over 8 million Euros, producing over 100 health food products. During our tour, the company director, Segundo Marcano, explained the three points to which he attributed the company’s success: obedience to True Parents’ request to sell healthy products; faith in the product; and hard work.

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