Establishing Albanians’ Peace Council in Plav & Gusinje



By UPF Albania

UPF Albania and Kosovo in close cooperation with each other held on October 28th, 2016 in Gusinje – Montenegro the event to establish the Albanians’ Peace Council for the region of Plav and Gusinje. Gusinje is a small city located 1000 m above sea level in a beautiful valley in the middle of the mountains. 15 Ambassadors for Peace from Kosovo and Albania and Presheva Valley travelled over 5 hours driving through the beautiful Albanian Alps Mountains to meet together with around 40 local people at “Rosi” hotel in Gusinje.

The welcoming address was given by Mr. Binak Ulaj, a retired professor, long time Ambassador for Peace and the main organizer of the event. The recent elected Mayor of the City, Mrs. Anela Čekić also came to greet participants and welcome them to the city.

The first session, moderated by the co-chair of the Albanians’ Peace Council Mr. Hydajet Hyseni was focused on explaining the mission and vision of Universal Peace Federation and its founders Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. After a 14 minutes’ video presentation on UPF, Dr. Nail Draga – the Chair of the Committee for the establishment of UPF in Montenegro, shared about Father Moon’s vision of peace, his suffering path and his contribution to world peace. Afterwards, Dr. Gaqo Apostoli – the Chairman of UPF in Albania and Former Government t Minister, shared about his conviction on universal principles of peace and encouraged everybody to rather believe than doubt, emphasising that Father Moon, in his sight, is the prophet of our times and according to Father Moon, peace will be established only when we practice living for the sake of others and sacrifice ourselves for others.


The second session was moderated by the other co-chair of Albanians’ Peace Council Mr. Ali Lacej and was focused on explaining the reason why Albanians have the potential to become the peace-makers & peace- builders in Balkans. Mr. Lacej explained the need for Albanians to embrace the universal principles of peace at this time in order to bring to fruition the centuries’ long cultivated tradition, as one of the oldest nations in Europe. Mrs. Hatixhe Hoxha – the Chairwomen of UPF Kosovo and Former MP, shared about the work of UPF and the Ambassadors for Peace in Kosovo and the urgent need for sustainable peace in the region. She said that sustainable peace can be realized only when there is righteous peace, by respecting the principle of reciprocity. Mr. Ahmet Bektashi – chairman of Humanitarian Fund for Eastern Kosovo, who had travelled from Switzerland to attend and be part of the event, modestly testified about his and his colleges’ determination to help building

100 houses for families who cannot afford in Presheva Valley. Dr. Samira Pino – founding member of Albanians’ Peace Council and former Government Official, shared about the value of an Ambassadors for Peace and how the Albanians should connect to and uplift their centuries’ long traditions to connect to universal principles, thus giving meaning to their long suffering and struggles.

Mr. Gani Rroshi presented to the audience the activities of Albanians’ Peace Council since its establishment and also the five universal principles of peace. Dr. Astrit Memia – founding member of Albanians’ Peace Council, shared about the long struggle of Albanians for peace, emphasizing the fact that they never invaded or attacked other nations and the contribution they could give to sustainable peace in the region once respected by others. The last message was given by Imam Raexhep Lushta – the Imam of Mitrovica city in Kosovo. He talked about peace from the religious perspective and by citing the holy scriptures, mentioned that anyone violating others, using or even killing other on God’s name, doesn’t have anything to do with God or religion.

At the end of the event, 12 people were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace, thus creating the Albanians’ Peace Council in the region of Plav and Gusinje.