Dominican Republic: Kick off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020



By FFWPU Dominican Republic, Leonidas Belliard

In Acacias Vocational place, we have a Kick off Ceremony in the Dominican Republic with the presence of 180 participants. Cooperative Association is related to FFWPU and that day it was held the 17th anniversary of that institution.

The ceremony began with the brief explanation from Mr. Cesar Regalado follow by the HDH reading of True Mother Speech done in the Kick off ceremony between Korean and Japanese leader.

Rev. Hong Explained the great blessing and fortune receive in the Dominican Republic to be chosen as one strategy nation to complete the vision 2020 goal together in unity and harmony. He talked about the great news about the Launch of the Parliamentarians Association for World peace in congress on Nov. 23th, so to have the resolution done, voluntary introduce by the congressmen and women, it is a fantastic achievement in our nation, so we must determine today in this ceremony in order to support the initiative taken by parliamentarians.

We had promised to True until 2017, we would accomplish 120 new fulltime members who can be mobilized to pioneer new CARP centers and Churches in 5 cities. In order to do so, right now we have 16 young members living in our HQ receiving training by 40 days course and we will start next 40 day workshops right away to raise 120 young leaderships.

In order to have victory in the tribal messiah ship, we had plan to do DCLC launch on January next year to educate True Family values to religious leaders and communities leaders around the nation introduced by government since last year.


After Rev. Hong’ Speech, everybody determined, during next 100 days to achieve the goals for vision 2020, such as:

  • Witness to one person every month
  • Get victory 100 days period for the accomplishment of vision 2020
  • Achieve the goal of national strategy plan
  • To get the 40 full time members until next Foundation Day and 120 new fulltime member during 2017
  • For the victory of Launch of IAPP and Expansion of DCLC movement to accomplish Heavenly Tribal Messiah ship
  • For the expansion of teaching Character Education and Pure Love to students to give blessing
  • The Dominican Republic to be Connected to True Parent With Heart of filial Piety


After recited family pledge and strong prayer by the national leader, all participants joint very enthusiastic to the cheers of “We will get the victory and we will march forward vision 2020”

When we did the cheers of determination, all leaders from FFWPU came in front and they were followed by all others participants.

After the ceremony, few people showed the gratitude to be able to participate in the ceremony. They specially like the idea to gather Scientifics people to have dialog and work for peace because they are the ones who have the possibility to use knowledge for righteous or to use it to create war and enmity between people.

Kick off ceremony was finished with three cheers of okmansei expressing the will to unity and work together to achieve the victory and offer result to heaven and True Parents.

All participants were really full of spirit with confidence that we can do it.