Côte d’ivoire: Peace Ambassadors Education on Divine Principle and Blessing


By FFWPU Côte d’ivoire


We hold two seminars on November 5th, 2016: One for UPF local peace councils’ presidents and another one for 17 couples selected by peace ambassadors of Attecoube peace council.

On November 5th, 2016, at West Africa HQ Office, from 9 AM to 1 PM, we held a 4-Hour’s Divine Principle lecture for 16 peace ambassadors coming from 16 cities. The 16 presidents were inaugurated in the first three months of 2016. They only received the content of the UPF five principles of peace.

After a brief presentation of Vision 2020 by the National Leader, Rev. Seka Philbert, the introduction of Divine Principle was shared by Rev. Ahondjo Eugène, Director of Witnessing and Education, then Principle of creation was presented by Rev. Likane Gabriel, a former National Leader, the workshop was concluded with principle of restoration’s summary, by Rev. Ahondjo. The participants received each a certificate at the end from Mr. Aka Sayé Lazare, chairperson of UPF Côte d’Ivoire.


This model seminar will be repeated in all 16 cities to lead ambassadors for peace to understand True Parents teachings. This program aims to help them decide to join the blessings ceremonies of Tribal Messiahs. That why our church leaders of 16 cities also participated and were introduced to peace ambassadors as lecturers who will follow up.

The Workshop ended with a banquet offered by West Africa HQ. All participants are administration Directors of different fields, including education, commerce, agriculture etc… They were all moved by the content and found it too fast; they asked that it should be repeated. They all would like to learn more. Some participants bought divine principle book.


From 2:30 on the same day a seminar took place in Attecoube municipality conference room. After the welcoming address, from UPF president, a lecture on God’s ideal of peace, origin of conflict, and Blessing was given by Rev. Ahondjo Eugène. Attecoubé is a village located in Abidjan.

In this village, we started by appointing key leaders of the village as peace ambassadors and had three educational programs, then through a meeting we explained about the blessing and then each member of the board decided to provide list of couples who will be educated to receive the blessing.

That is why we could have education program about blessing this time. All the five steps of the blessing were clearly explained. The date of the Blessing Festival will be on December 3rd, 2016.

After the presentation we had Q&A session. This time, the couples participants were from different religious background and different nationalities.

To conclude this program, UPF chairperson talked about his own experience of the blessing he attended in 1992 in Korea. And encouraged all to take part. Until the date, couples will be visited to encourage them further.

Two other towns decided to join the festival with couples that will be educated during the coming weeks of November.