CARP Nigeria: 40-Day Mobilization


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By CARP Nigeria, Bok Jin Lee

CARP Nigeria held the 40-Day mobilization from October 3 to November 11, 2016 at the National HQ, Peace Embassy. After finishing the 7-Day Divine Principle workshop in September, some of the participants were completely changed. They realized their true identity and decided to invest their passion for our Heavenly Parent and True Parents with a strong determination. So we invited them again and a total of 11 CARP members participated in this program.

We made 5 teams to do fundraising for 30 days. In fact, most participants had little or no experience in fundraising. Financial situation in the country is difficult right now. But even under such circumstances, nobody wanted to give up this program because we understood the true meaning of fundraising by reading True parent’s words. Everybody promised to never give up and to offer great results to God. During the 30 days of fundraising, all participants realized that ‘Without God, we can never achieve our goal.’ So, they changed their mind and attitude to become more sincere and humble in front of God through this period.

Especially, the reason we could overcome all of our difficulties is because of the Hoon Dok Hae sessions. Every morning we read the True Father’s autobiography. And after sharing our impressions, we received the internal guidance by the President of FFWPU Nigeria, Rev. George Ogurie. True Father’s life was so inspiring to the participants and it could really help us to reflect on ourselves and change our attitude for the fundraising.

In addition, we organized ‘TP Life workshop’ on every Saturday. We introduced True parent’s life course and words with the video and Hoon Dok materials. After that, we discussed our questions about True parents. Through this time, the participants could realize that True parents dedicated their whole lives to live for the sake of others and to fulfill the will of God.

To conclude the program, we organized the 5-day Divine Principle Hoon Dok workshop. We read the whole content of the Exposition of Divine Principle. After each chapter, Special Envoy to Nigeria, Rev. Shang Seon Park gave a lecture and answered our questions. Every time he tried to make us focus on God’s love. Through his efforts, participants could appreciate that ‘Divine Principle is not a Human idea. It came from God’s heart.’

We believe that the 11 participants will become great core leaders to establish Cheon Il Guk in our dear nation. We will continue to do our best to achieve the mission for Vision 2020. Aju!



Godson Ogurie: “First of all, I would like to appreciate and thank our beloved Heavenly Parents and True Parents for how much they revealed themselves to me and how they have shown me their love and kindness through fundraising. Fundraising as felt by me was very tough and difficult but it was these difficulties and challenges that urged me to be more tenacious and resilient in the attempt to do my best. I felt the grace and love of God during these experiences and this is what helped to improve some aspects of my character and general perspective about human behaviour and relationships.”

Godspower Christopher: “This fundraising has deeply made me to understand God’s heart more in sense of this struggle to restore all things back to their original state and it has really up lifted up my faith in God. It is a spiritual activity. When I just tried to sell products without internal determination, I have never sold products. But when I prayed deeply and tried to keep that sincerity in my heart during fundraising, unexpectedly I could meet a prepared person and reach my goal. It was really amazing. Now, I can feel God’s love. God is always looking at me. As long as I try to connect with God, God will always be with me.”

Miracle Moses: “I was so inspired by True parent’s life course. True parents are always willing to sacrifice for others. They know how to love God, how to love All human beings, how to love nature. The reason why I respect True parents is they always act up to what they say. There are a lot of leaders who can give a speech very well in this world. But if we look at their life in detail, many times I could see that it is different from their words. But True parents are giving the words through showing their life. So, their exemplary lives made me overcome my limitations, no matter how I faced a difficulty. I will also try to become such a great leader like True Parents.”

Happiness Dzungul: “Divine Principle is not from someone’s intellect. It is from God. I’ve never imagined that I can feel God’s heart through reading a book. So far, God was just my father and glorious existence for me. But when I finished reading all the chapters of Divine Principle, I could realize how much God invested all efforts to restore this world with tears and sorrowful heart. Through the realization, my heart for God is totally changed. If I really love God, I should become such a person who can have more burdens than God. Because my life is from God, I will never disregard God’s sadness. I’m very grateful to know this program.”