Cameroon: Kick-off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020



By FFWPU Cameroon


1. Eveny in Yaoundé

On October 30, 2016 we held the Kick-off Ceremony After our Sunday service. It was a very good time for this event to begin activities for the Victory of The Fourth Foundation Day and The Second Half of The Course toward Vision 2020. The MC was Rev. Edwin Plekhanov.

Rev. Plekhanov gave the opening remarks. And after the CIG Anthem we had the family pledge. Mrs. Lau Asong offered the report to heaven. The Zolang Gabriel couple offered flowers to True Parents with the applause of the members accompanying them.

Then “Un hee Asong” read True Mother’s speech at the Korean and Japanese CIG leaders’ kick off ceremony of harmony and unity to fulfill vision 2020.

We had beautiful entertainment by Amelia and her group and they sang beautiful songs.

The declaration of devotion was made by the members guided by the Kamga couple in which ll the participants vowed and determined to be victorious in the upcoming 100-day devotion period. At the end, the three cheers of eog mansei guided by Mr. Francois Gwodog and the MC gave closing remarks.



2. Event in Douala

We held the event shortly after Sunday Service, with the opening remarks by Mr. Valentin TCHING-BOBE, Regional Director of the BFD and MC of the event.

Right after the opening remarks, we proceeded together with the CIG Anthem and Pledge recitation, after which, Mrs. Marie Louise NJUH, the FFWPU Regional Leader for Littoral Region gave a reporting prayer.

After that an 11-year-old 2nd Generation, Queenie Shaloma TCHING-BOBE offered a bouquet of flowers to True Parents.

True Mother’s speech at the Korean and Japanese Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Kick-off Ceremony of Harmony and Unity to Fulfill Vision 2020on 9.6 by the Heavenly calendar (October 6, 2016) was then read by two 2nd Generations: Victoria TCHING-BOBE (in English) and Faith NDASI (in French), while the congregation listened attentively.

After the speech, we had the Resolution of 100-Day Activities Devotion of Douala Region was read out by Rev. Innocent FONGOH, Secretary General of UPF Cameroon. After every resolution, the participants replied: « YES », hands raised with determination. It is our pledge to True Parents and our covenant with the Heavenly Parents and True Parents

Three Cheers of Eog Mansei were thrown up enthusiastically by the congregation, let by Mr. Robert ONDOU accompanied by his son, Picart ONDOU

After the Closing Remarks by Valentin TCHING-BOBE, a family picture was taken by the participants as a sign of willingness to unite centered on True Parents’ direction.