Brazil: Second National Soccer Cup for the Home Groups


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By FFWPU Brazil

The final event of the 2nd Home Groups Peace Cup was successfully held in the Trainee Center of Brazil and simultaneously in other states, on November 20, 2016. We had a total of 1600 participants, which 775 (48,4%) were new guests of the Oikos and Home Group.

Besides the soccer games, we had many other activities, such as volleyball, swimming pool, lunch, bouncy castle for the kids, movies, etc. The Continental Leader and Special Envoy of the CIG of Brazil, Reverend Shin Dong Mo, the Special Envoy of the young students of South America, Reverend Kwun In-soung and the National President of FFWPU-Brazil Koichi Sasaki were present and gave their words.

Through soccer, which is Brazil’s national culture, we can connect with many new guests to witness and also fellowship among members and guests of the Home Groups, increasing the relationship with our Oikos for a witnessing in these 100 special days of total investment for witness. Guests that have attended the event will be cared for by each region’s Home Groups and their spiritual parents, sent to One-to-One lecture and workshop.

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