Brazil: Matching Advisors’ Meeting and suggestion for First Generation Candidates



By FFWPU Brazil

On November 26, the Matching Advisors´ meeting was held at the church headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. There were 20 participants.

The regional pastor (also, the FFWPU Vice-President), Pr. Valcir gave the opening remarks, emphasizing the importance of following rigorously the International standard of Matching and Blessing process.

Then a profound lecture by Pr. Takashi Hosoya (Itinerary missionary) about the role of Matching Advisors based on True Father´s words and some Divine Principle contents of the value and significance of the blessing.

Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças (BFD Director, Brazil) coordinated the review of the Matching Advisors´ guide and manual to suggest matching for the candidates. Each Matching Advisor read 1 page of the manual and after lunch there were questions and answers. Important issues where clarified that had given Matching Advisors more confidence and clarity on their roles.

At 3 pm, everyone moved to the 6th floor where there were profiles and photos of the candidates being displayed. The FFWPU President and National Leader, Pres. Koichi Sasaki gave the opening prayer and the suggestions for matching took place afterwards. As a result, 5 couples (candidates from Brazil and some countries of South America) were suggested to each other by the Matching Advisors. The couples have a free decision to accept or not the suggestions.

A final prayer and photo were taken. We thanked much God and the True Parents for the success and victory of the gathering, Aju!