Brazil: Blessing Preparation Workshop and True Parents’ Life Exhibition



By FFWPU Brazil

We held a 2-day blessing preparation workshop for 30 participants (eleven 2nd generation candidates, seventeen 1st generation candidates, and 1 previously married couple) on September 25-25, 2016. The participants paid much attention to the profound lectures that were given. The lectures were: The Principle of Creation, The Fall of Man, and Restoration from the Divine Principle Book by Manoel Dantas (Home Group Leader). There was a brief testimony by Mrs. Cui Yulan (the wife of the National Leader) about the challenges of her blessed family life and how she could overcome them and be victorious.

The Significance and Value of the Blessing and The Change of Blood Lineage was given by Takashi Hosoya (Itinerary Missionary). There was a beautiful testimony of a 2nd generation blessed brother, Jocelyn Lepelletier (Leader of the Youth Ministry). The Right Attitude to Choose a Partner, based on the words of True Father, was given by Flor Cerpa Zancan (BFD Vice-Director of Brazil). The Lecture about Pure Love was given by Ji Eun Cho (Pure Love Missionary). The Blessing Process, The Importance of Blessing Preparation and the Matching and Blessing Process was given by Maria Dolor Barbosa das Graças (BFD Director of Brazil and South America).


The National Leader, Mr. Koichi Sasaki, gave the closing remarks, emphasizing the importance of passing through a formula course to build a stronger faith as a good foundation to receive the blessing.

This seminar clarified many doubts and questions of the participants with regards to the matching and blessing process, and they strengthened their understanding about the Significance and Value of the Blessing. This is very important, since some of them had misunderstandings about the matter. When things are clearer, the candidates can be more confident of what to do and plan better for the future.



“It was great, I’ve learned a lot. It was worth participating, very good for our spiritual and personal growth. We learned to value more the blessing and the value of our principles, our True Parents, and us as a person. With everything I’ve learned from here, I valued myself more and learned to be a better person in the outside world. I will do my best to be an example and to witness people, Aju!”


Exhibition of the Life and Achievements of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind in Brazil, Cuiaba-MT

On September 27, at the Legislative Assembly of Cuiabá, “Exhibition of the Life and Achievements of Rev. Sun Myung Moon” was held. In this space, there was a prohibition to carry out this type of events. However, he was suddenly released with the help of a deputy who is the mayor candidate. He has participated in an event and was appointed as Ambassador for Peace. Certainly, the spirit world helped, and through the influence of a deputy, space was given to us. In this case, the TV Assembly made a report about the event, asking about our movement. We distributed autobiographies and pamphlets.