Benin: Kick-off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020



By FFWPU Benin

We held the Kick-off ceremony for Harmony and Unity for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020 with 289 participants including leaders, elders and Blessed Families right after Sunday service on October 30, 2016 at Peace Embassy in Benin.

After a brief video presentation of Korean and Japanese Cheon IL Guk Leaders’ Kick-off Ceremony with True Mother, Rev. Emmanuel ALLOGNON president of FFWPU Benin gave opening remarks which followed by Cheon IL Guk Anthem, Family Pledge and report to Heaven.

Mr. and Mrs. Pascal DEGBEY (from the Blessed Family Department in benin) offered flowers to True Parents. Then Rev. Emmanuel ALLOGNON read True Mother’s Speech concerning the event.

CARP President (Mr. Ange DANNON), YFWP President (Mr. Gaetan DANDJESSO), UPF Secretary General (Mr. Honore ANAGONOU), and FFWPU Vice-President (Rev. Yvon OKE GODONOU), gave solemnly the Resolution of their respective organization, explaining about specific goals to be achieved during 100-day special condition from November 1st, 2016 to advance the accomplishment of the Vision 2020.

We also used this occasion to give holy salt and holy earth to provincial leaders to establish the Holy Ground in their Province while members made a circle of unity. It was at the National Holy Ground which is the Peace Embassy Land.

At the end of the event, we had a leaders meeting to plan the national revival tour during the 100 days. We are determined to achieve the goals set for the 100 days.