Belgium: Ceremony to Bestow the Four Great Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk



By By FFWPU Belgium, Hugo Veracx

A forty-day period of devotion and repentance over our past faith and lives, followed by a one-day workshop held on 23 October, culminated in the Ceremony to Bestow the Four Great Holy Items of CIG and the accompanying Holy Wine Ceremony, held on Sunday 31 October. About 50 members, some of whom had come from Luxemburg and the Netherlands, attended the ceremony at the FFWPU headquarters in Brussels.

Aidan Cunningham, as MC guided the whole ceremony in a beautiful, respectful and smooth way. Yvo Bruffearts gave an explanation on the meaning, history and the use of the Holy Items. This was concluded by Hugo Veracx reminding us of how much devotion True Parents have given during 3 years in order to give us this Special Grace. We ever should be aware of this every time we use the Holy Items on a daily basis. These Holy Items are very precious and we need to keep always a deep grateful heart.

By offering our confession papers and making a new determination, as well as by taking part in the Holy Wine Ceremony, we could feel reborn and capable of fulfilling our responsibility to realize the wish of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

We listened to True Mother’s prayer of Benediction, which was a heart-warming experience. To see how much the Heavenly Parent and True Parents put their trust and hope in us, was a humbling experience and filled us with gratitude.

Holy Wine, Holy Salt and Holy Candles, which have played an important role in our lives of faith, since we encountered the True Parents, now have been bestowed on us again, this time from the cosmic level of the Cheon Il Guk Era.

For the 1st time we could receive the Holy Earth, symbolizing our restoration to the state of Temple of the Heavenly Parent and the expansion of the substantial Cheon Il Guk to each region and nation.

The ceremony was concluded with three resounding cheers of Eog Mansei. After the Special Grace Ceremony, we had the celebration of the 57th True Children’s Day and the 29th Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth. A beautiful offering table was prepared appropriate to the autohm season and Halloween Day. Together, we sang, we prayed, cut the cake and shared the offering table among brothers and sisters.

Several brothers and sisters had brought something to put on the offering table. These items were used to make a new offering table for the next morning, the actual celebration day of True Children’s Day.

After we shared lunch with delicious food that all brothers and sisters had prepared with care and love. It is a day to remember, to cherish with deep gratitude for all what we received. Not to come in debt we should keep our resolutions and go forward for a bright future, Cheon Il Guk.

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