Austria: Interreligious UPF Sunday Service



By UPF Austria

In order to observe the International Day of Peace, UPF Austria held an Interreligious Service together with the Vienna Family Federation membership.

The week before there was a UPF Conference at the Vienna United Nations on the topic: “Peace and Sustainable Development: Intergenerational Challenges”, with more than 100 guests attending.

At the Sunday service on September 25th, 2016, the main organizer of that conference, Mrs. Heather Wokusch, told her story of how she became the main person to organize this conference. She called it: “My personal transition” explaining how she was spiritually guided in her preparation. Prior to the conference she had a difficult time being rejected by an organization with which she wanted to do a particular program. But being a deeply spiritual person, she thought: I want to turn this negative experience into something good! I want to change, but I can’t do it alone. I want to find a community! A week later she met the UPF president, Peter Haider, who inspired and helped her to put together the conference for the International Day of Peace. She assembled a remarkable program and made the conference a great success.


The participants of that Sunday Service felt that they had a great sermon given by Mrs. Wokusch. She was given the Ambassador of Peace award at the end of the service, together with the leader of an African religious community.

After Mrs. Wokusch’s speech a lady who had become Ambassador of Peace before, Mrs. Stella Attakba, spoke about “My journey to Inner Peace”, explaining how through meditation she found wisdom and inner peace.

So on that Sunday the Unification community of Vienna was taught by deeply spiritual Peace Ambassadors.


After the “Adults’ Service” the Toddlers’ Sunday school group, with the help of some HARP members, performed a little play about a fish who didn’t want to share the good things he had, thus causing troubles to his friends. Finally, he learned that peace can be attained by sharing what is dear to oneself with others.

The play was received with great pleasure. Also the elaborate decoration which had been made mainly by the fathers, was much appreciated.