Australia: Hoon Dok Home Church Activities


By FFWPU Ausralia

In 2013, former Continental Leader Dr. Dong Woo Kim initiated Hoon Dok Home Church (HDHC). First, Dr. Kim reached out to members who were interested in HDHC; and he started HDHC School to train about 10 members to be HDHC leaders and how to run HDHC for 10 weeks.

He changed the HDHC member’s concept and made them realize the importance of mind and body unity which includes time management. Although members were working full-time in the outside companies, they made time to do witnessing and to live for others.

Through 10 weeks HDHC School, its expanded members’ mind and heart. Church members learned to reach out to new guests. In Australian church history, there had been no witnessing result for around 17 years. Because of this reason, members struggled to reach out to new guests. However, this HDHC course revived their spirit. Australian church atmosphere has changed to welcoming new guests and caring for other blessed families who are facing difficulties.

HDHC members always are trying to find new contacts, sometimes going to shopping center and put display desk, showing FFWPU logo and giving True Fathers’ autobiography books.

They sometimes make the plan to create cultural events such as Japanese, Korean or some other countries’ culture and foods.

In one Share Group, we have held meeting every Thursday at the Library since 3 years, and we have been teaching Pastel Art Class. And we try to have friendship through that.

There is HDHC every week from 7pm to 8:30pm. At HDHC, we

  • Singing songs
  • Having Icebreaker to get to know each other
  • Hoon Dok hae of True Father’s short speech
  • Sharing

This process will take a year for a guest to be a member



  • One youth guest joined the church through HDHC this year. He is preparing to go to the blessing.
  • After attending HDHC, new guest becomes closer to our community.
  • Revived blessed family members’ spirits. Some blessed families were disconnected from the church, but HDHC leaders are investing to reconnect them and they become connected to the church again.
  • Blessed families’ bonding is getting stronger.
  • Blessed families atmosphere had changed so the 2nd Gen member who are involved in HDHC also getting closer.

Future Goal

It was suggested from our members to hold Blessing ceremony as the activity of Heavenly Tribal Messiah. At the moment, we are trying to start Tribal Messiah Activities and to bring 21 previously-married couples to the Blessing next March in 2017.