Asian Leadership Conference


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By UPF Asia, Ursula McLackland

The Asian leadership Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand under the theme “Providing Vision and Leadership for Nation-building and Peace” on November 25 – 28, 2016. This ALC focused on government officials from Cambodia and Indonesia. Most of the 12 Cambodian delegates came from the Ministry of Defense led by two active generals. Among the 9 Indonesian participants, two were officials of the Ministry of Social Affairs, and the mayor of Bitung in North Sulawesi and his wife led a delegation of four from their city. They were eager to learn how they can serve their nation and their people better by studying UPF’s Principles of Peace and Father Moon’s teaching on family values.

All participants were deeply inspired by Dr. Chung Sik Yong’s deep and heartistic explanation about the attributes of True Love, that love comes from our object partner and that we need to love our spouse 100%, 120%. Only by practicing these principles in our homes can we become true leaders in society. They also determined to become better leaders by putting “the public purpose up and the private purpose down” as taught by Dr. Kittel.

Though the number of participants was small, we conducted the Interfaith Peace Blessing Ceremony in order to give all participants not only the theoretical side of our work but allow them to have their own experience of the power of the Principle in action. Through the Blessing experience, they will be able to work with us after returning to their home countries.

The mayor of Bitung Max Lomban confessed that the ALC deepened his insights and helped him to understand how to deal with problems as a leader’s responsibility is to find solutions to the existing problems. He and his wife were deeply grateful that they could participate in the ALC with their team.

All participants promised to share with others what they have learned in the ALC as the content is too important to keep it for themselves. Maj. Gen. Say Savin said in his reflections that he had never heard such important contents before even though he got a PhD in Philosophy and wants to share it now with all his soldiers at the National Defense College. His daughter representing the youth explained how the ALC helped her find her purpose in life, live a happy life and leave a legacy of love.

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