Albania: ‘Prayer Night for Syrian Children’



By UPF Albania, Mirilda Tili

The event on ‘Prayer Night for Syrian Children’ brought together representatives from religious communities in Albania, representatives from Diplomatic Corps accredited in Tirana, Ambassadors for Peace, and citizens. Around 200 people filled the hall of Sheraton Hotel in Tirana on the evening of October 28th 2016, to show their support and offer their prayers.

The purpose of the event was to offer together a deep prayer to support children in Syria, who are the most innocent victims of this bloody and meaningless war.

The starting idea of the event came from the sincere desire of two mothers to help Syrian children in any way they can, to stop the innocent tears and nourish their dreams. It started small, but soon attracted many people and partners who wanted to do something. Universal Peace Federation offered its name and logo so that it could become an official program and institutions could be invited officially to join the program. Therefore, the event was held on the name of Universal Peace Federation.


The title and purpose of the event inspired top religious leaders of religious communities in Albania to support the event and send their representatives, and as a result the representatives of 5 religious communities came and offered their sincere prayers to support Syrian children.

Their messages and prayers were very deep and moving.

On behalf of Universale Peace federation the message was given by Dr. David Hanna – Vice Chair of UPF for Europe, who mentioned also about the great work of UPF Founders have done for building peace in the Middle East.

The program of the event included also a message from a Syrian mother living in Albania and moving congratulatory songs offered by Syrian children living in Albania.

Everything started from the sincere heart of two mothers, the preparations were done that way, with a sincere heart; therefore, one could easily see tears in participants’ eyes.

Media was present and covered largely the event: click here   and  here