Albania: Peace Road 2016 – One Nation, One Heart


By CARP Albania

On 17th of November we decided to have a Peace Road event in Tirana. This day coincides with the liberation day of Tirana from the German Nazi occupation on November 17th 1944.

This year, Peace Road event was organized on local level in the form of a peace march in one of the picturesque roads of Tirana National Park. Around 70 young people joined the march, and other young people who approached on the way. The theme for this event was “One Nation, One Heart”, trying to convey also the culture that True Parents have established through their victorious lives.


At the end of the peace march, everybody gathered at the amphitheater of the park to have an artistic program focused on the goal of this project. The program included few songs guided by Mrs. Mica Camara, Ms. Riza Santarin & Ms. Xhilva Adhami, experiences from last year Peace Road event from 2 young bikers who participated in Peace Road 2015, Mr. Bilbil Zharri & Ms. Ermelinda Cufo, a message on the meaning and importance of Peace Road given by Mr. Gani Rroshi, our National Leader. He emphasized the importance this project has for the divided nation of Korea and for the whole world, and as well the investment that True Parents have done on world level.

On this special day, as young people united in heart, we wanted to give hope to everyone, promoting harmony and unity, so we can work together for a better future. Our desire was to have many more people join us and celebrate the Tirana’s Liberation Day, and in the end, we felt victorious and with such heart we offered the event to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.


Tirana CARP members determine to do something much bigger and greater next year on national level, to include schools and even the government. And we will do our best with our sincere devotion.

A really nice atmosphere was created even after the closing of the program, while enjoying the snacks prepared by brothers and sisters, singing and dancing together.



  • “…It was the first time to be in such activity and to be honest, i truly loved it. I would like to have seen a wider participation with more young people, who just waste their time in non-productive activities. Also I would like it to have been a longer marching distance, because in that way we could reach more people. Regarding my feelings, I felt very pleased that I was part of this activity with people like you..”
  • ”…Peace Road 2016 was a special activity that you don’t see very often these days. People have become individualistic and activities that aim unity are a bit utopic. Nevertheless, I believe that this is a good start for even greater things to happen in the future and I hope we can inspire more people on the importance of living all together in peace with each other. And I have to note that, the atmosphere the CARP members create is always fantastic. Young people can make the change. Young people can make great things. Thank you!…”
  • “…Today was a very nice day. Considering that I myself like sports, I would have loved to ride a bike from Prishtina to Tirana. It would have been really nice. But this activity today was nice as well, because we were all together and I feel very good…”
  • “…This day for me was different, because a march for peace was organized. It was a beautiful feeling to see how people with different ideas and different lives have the same concept about peace and this was very special. When I see these different people coming together and working together as one for a greater ideal like peace, I get inspired and I understand that I’m not alone. I enjoyed the activity in all its details and, even though it was not larger, reminded me a quote from Mother Teresa “We cannot do great things, but we should pray to do small things with great love!” I felt today that it is very important to invest your heart when you do something…”