Albania: Kick-Off Ceremony for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020



By FFWPU Albania, Gani Rroshi


On October 30th 2016, at the Training center of FFWPU in Tirana Albania, we hold the Kick Off Ceremony for the Fulfillment of Vision 2020 with the participation of 120 people.

This time we were blessed to have with us three representatives of World Mission Strategy Center for Europe, Dr. David Hanna, Mrs. Martine Masner and Ms. Jeonghye Jeom. They were visiting Albania as the only Special Strategic Nation in Europe and wanted to meet with Local Leaders and also contribute the National CARP WS which took place from 28th – 30th of October.

After consulting with all Community Leaders and Rev. Jack Corley, at the end of the CARP WS we decided to hold the Kick Off Ceremony for starting 100 day activities for the success of 4th Anniversary of Foundation Day and the Fulfillment of Vision 2020.

The title of CARP WS also fitted with the Kick Off Ceremony since it was WINNERS! And Yes we will become winners and bring victory to Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

After the Kick Off ceremony held on October 30th in Tirana, all Community Leaders are going to hold local level ceremonies by explaining to all blessed families and members in their cities the meaning of this 100 day activity campaign and True Mother’s message.